Toyota Prius : The Amazing Hybrid Car

Prius stands for reward in a lot of individuals’s book when they believe about hybrid vehicles. In terms of hybrid automobiles, the Toyota Prius has loads to provide automobile customers. And it’s not as if possible hybrid automobile purchasers do not understand that.

Well initially of all, the Toyota Prius is an excellent kind of hybrid vehicle. It’s sharp, magnificent, and is a finest seller amongst hybrid vehicles. In the United States, the Toyota Prius got an honor that was really similar to the automobile of the year honor offered in Europe.

The Toyota Prius hybrid vehicle isn’t really offering off the lots since it is the fastest vehicle around. With these individuals driving this certain hybrid vehicle, off course it’s offering like a hotcake.

While the success of the Toyota Prius is excellent for Toyota, it isn’t really so excellent for its rivals who have yet to produce a hybrid automobile. Now Nissan, GM and other popular automobile makers are attempting to swiftly get their act together and create their variation of the hybrid vehicle.

Some of these other producers simply did not think that individuals would put their faith in the hybrid automobile as an option to the continuous change of oil costs. The number of sales for the Toyota Prius hybrid automobile has actually definitely triggered a modification of tune for contending vehicle producers.

As far as Toyota goes, claims have actually been made that in the near future, all Toyota engines will come with hybrid choices. And Toyota likewise thinks that it’s just a matter of time prior to all vehicles are hybrid vehicles or a minimum of have hybrid engine choices.

Next year, Toyota needs to be making Prius’s in China, and there, sales are likewise anticipated to flourish. Certainly, there are plenty of motion picture stars there who can be encouraged to get this hybrid vehicle.

The Toyota Prius is definitely going far for hybrid vehicles, and ideally the dollar will not stop with the Prius. Toyota most likely has some other versions of hybrids automobiles that are quick making there means to having leading sales.

Prius stands for reward in the majority of individuals’s book when they assume about hybrid vehicles. In terms of hybrid automobiles, the Toyota Prius has lots to provide automobile customers. Well initially of all, the Toyota Prius is a terrific kind of hybrid automobile. The Toyota Prius hybrid vehicle isn’t really offering off the lots since it is the fastest automobile around. The number of sales for the Toyota Prius hybrid vehicle has actually definitely triggered a modification of tune for contending vehicle makers.

Toyota Prius : A Brief History

The modern world is riddled with the scare of exhaustion of energy resources, mainly petroleum products. This fear of not having enough gasoline or petrol to run cars gave automobile manufacturers an idea to think about Hybrid Electrical Vehicles, or HEVs. And among the pioneers of this revolution was Toyota Motor Company (TMC), who introduced Toyota Prius, one of the first hybrid vehicles.

The name itself speaks volumes about the vehicle. Prius in Latin means “before”, and surely this vehicle was introduced much before its time. It was launched in Japan as early as 1997, which was much before environmental awareness about fuel exhaustion became widespread. Thus, it is treated as one of the first of its kind.

A Brief History

As mentioned above, Prius falls under the category of a HEV. Now, the question is – what exactly is a Hybrid Electrical Vehicle? Technically speaking, a HEV is a combination of a conventional motor ICE (short form for Internal Combustion Engine) and the revolutionary electric propulsion system. In layman terms, it means that a car categorized as HEV can run on both conventional fuels like gasoline, as well as on electrical charge.

So, speaking clearly, buying a Toyota Prius would mean that you get to save on your fuel bills. On a different aspect, you also contribute towards the environment by way of lesser emissions and not wasting those precious fossil fuels. Such a thought touched a chord with the general people as well, which was reflected in the sales of Prius, making it the most sold HEV till 2013.

Different generations of Prius

Since its local launch in Japan in 1997 and consecutive global launch in 2000, Toyota Prius has undergone various facelifts and technical changes. The first generation of this car, going by the model name of XW10, was more of a classical sedan, and this design continued till 2003. In this year, the second generation model XW20 was launched. From its classical sedan style design, it got converted to more of a mid-size lift back style and became more spacious and environment friendly. This design continued to be in circulation till 2009.

The present or third generation of this vehicle was launched around this time and was christened as XW30. It received yet another facelift, and from a mid-size lift back become more of a mid-size hatchback. On its onset, it won the Car of the Year Award in Japan. Technical modifications gave way to a more powerful engine and larger fuel efficiency. To top it all, the prices of the model were reduced to compete better on the global front.

The year 2011 again introduced further facelifts and newer designs to this third generation of Toyota Prius. A Prius Plug-In model was introduced giving owners a facility of electrically charging the car’s engine battery. Two other models namely Prius v and Prius c were also launched near about the same time.

Talks of a fourth generation of Toyota Prius are already underway, which are likely to implement wireless inductive charging mechanisms. Improvements in aerodynamics and other features are also anticipated. So, what more do you need to know before getting one for yourself? Buy one and experience for yourself.

What are the benefits of buying a Toyota Prius?

If you are surfing through the market of hybrid and environmentally friendly cars, it’s hardly a surprise that you are going to find the Toyota Prius on any list. It was launched way back in the late 1990s, but with the passing of years, it has evolved and at present, the third generation Prius has hit markets worldwide. The car is one of a kind, and buying it certainly gives an owner many advantages when compared with many other vehicles in the same category. If you are interested in owning a used Prius, it would be helpful if you knew the benefits of such a car.

Environmentally friendly

One key reason why the Prius went on to become so famous worldwide, is because it’s an environmentally friendly vehicle. With increasing pollution and newer laws being formulated in every country, many vehicles are now supposed to meet emission, fuel efficiency norms, etc. A Toyota Prius, even for a used vehicle, is a perfect investment in that respect, simply because it has so far offered and also surpassed such laws that are out there. It has always maintained its eco-friendly stance with its hybrid engine that runs on both gasoline, as well as an electric motor. One should inquire about the generation of a Prius, they are going to buy. A used vehicle should be checked for carbon dioxide emissions and also for other polluting gases. These should remain well under the permitted limits.

Fuel efficiency

The Fuel efficiency of a car is vital factor to keep in mind while buying a car. Some cars tend to provide better efficiency on highway conditions while others are better off on city roads. The Prius has proven its mettle on both types of conditions. The third generation of the Prius provides an efficiency of 50 miles per gallon (21.3 kilometers per liter). This easily surpasses a US government law, which makes it compulsory for all vehicles to achieve a fuel efficiency of 24 miles per gallon by 2020. Therefore, while buying a used Prius, make sure you take it around for a test drive to check if its efficiency tallies up with the stats. It may not fully match up to the standards of a new vehicle, but will almost certainly be around that mark. The second generation Priuses is likely to offer lesser fuel efficiency. So take note of that too.


While the hybrid engine of the Toyota Prius is largely credited for its remarkable fuel efficiency, another significant point is the design of the car. The body of the car is something to carefully take note of. The overall look of a used Prius should be good, exteriors and interiors. That would mean that the vehicle was well maintained whilst in the hands of the previous owner.

Tax incentives

It is well known that governments are always implementing ways to reduce pollution, so they are encouraging more people to opt for vehicles like the Prius. People who choose to buy vehicles run by alternate sources of power and eco-friendly technologies are offered tax incentives and many other benefits. Therefore, make sure you can be a recipient of such offers too. These benefits can go on to add quite an amount of money for you.

The Toyota Prius is among the best cars in the market and in its category. Well run services by Toyota, a reputed brand in the automobile segment is also another reason why one should consider buying a vehicle like the Prius, despite its used status.

How Did The Toyota Prius Stand Out Over Time?

The Toyota Prius is a mid-sized hatch back, based on a complete hybrid drive train. This vehicle has been referred to as being one of the cleanest cars on our planet, by the California Air Resources Board and EPA. It has low smog forming capabilities, which makes it perfect for urban use. Couple that with high fuel efficiency and low CO2 emissions and you have the most desirable urban commuter of all times.

However, like every other vehicle available today, the Prius too has its downsides, primary among which is low end performance. You can never expect to do the things on a Prius that would be possible on a high end sports car. Nonethelss, it caters to a very different kind of market. The first generation Prius went on sale in 1997, although it was limited to Japan.

Importance of a Hybrid Platform

The Toyota Prius is actually the first hybrid vehicle to be sent to mass production. It opened up all new avenues for car makers and made environment friendly cars a reality. Toyota currently sells its Prius in more than 80 countries, although it has received a lot of criticism from different strata of society, whose needs are quite different. Toyota however, did not have to look back since they started manufacturing this vehicle on a mass scale, as global sales reached one million, back in 2008.

Numerous modifications have been made to this vehicle over time, even as its basic concepts prevail. Toyota added the Prius C (sub compact hatchback) and Prius V (hatchback wagon) to its lineup back in 2011, while a plug in hybrid was introduced back in 2012. Driving a Prius became cool when youngsters started valuing the atmosphere around them.

Importance of an Affordable Commuter

We need more vehicles like the Prius, in order to save our environment and fulfill commuting needs. Our current generation Prius is quite different than its actual variant, which was launched back in 1997. This vehicle was later sold in the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia, although it failed to attract the attention of youngsters, for obvious reasons.

However, people value the importance of a Prius now and various car makers have joined a race to manufacture environmentally friendly vehicles such as this one. Second Generation vehicles had various additional features on it, in order to make it customer friendly. Air conditioners, climate control and a list of other safety features were added in subsequent models. Crash testing was performed on this model by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in 2004, while the Prius managed to earn a respectable five stars.

The Toyota Prius is an interesting choice for people who need to drive for long hours within the city. This vehicle has outdone Honda’s Civic and Accord sales in California recently, which proves its popularity. Nissan had something similar in mind, when they launched the Leaf, although this vehicle failed to attract as much attention as the Prius. Ford’s Focus and Corolla are also worthy challengers in class, even though they failed to attract as much popularity.

Can A Hybrid Vehicle Truly Save You Money?

Worn out of exactly what’s called discomfort at the pump? Well, do not stress; the cost of gas isn’t really going back to.25 a gallon. Exactly how do you keep yourself from getting a 2nd task so you can make sure you can fill up your tank?

You will likewise have to make sure that either your vehicle or the individual’s vehicle you’re riding in is in excellent working condition. Otherwise, you can be putting yourself or the other travelers in a lot of risk.

You could purchase a smaller sized vehicle and sacrifice size, track record, and design, however who wishes to drive around in a dumpy little automobile when they could be driving a big SUV? With all the choices that exist for conserving gas, there is one that makes a lot even more sense than all the others: Get a hybrid automobile. Does a hybrid vehicle actually conserve you cash?

There are reasons the hybrid automobile does conserve you cash and reasons it does not. The hybrid automobile ought to conserve you hundreds each week and thousands annually on gas. If you are the kind of individual who is not into keeping track of exactly how much you invest per week driving back and forth from work, you could not be able to genuinely value the cost savings that come from a hybrid vehicle.

All the time, the information is reporting on some lucky guy, who decides to pick a hybrid vehicle as the vehicle he would possess next. He questions if he will in fact conserve cash, and to his surprise, he conserves a great deal.

Then there are the tales of individuals who buy hybrid automobiles, however they really end up conserving really bit. If you are a highway vehicle driver, you might likewise not be able to value exactly how much cash you conserve with a hybrid vehicle.

Lots of individuals state that whether you experience wonderful financial cost savings by acquiring a hybrid vehicle has to do with a lot even more than a lot of individuals assume. Some individuals who are stay-at-home mommies for circumstances, do not even think about that it may not make a distinction whether they possess a hybrid vehicle or not.

Does a hybrid vehicle actually conserve you cash? Yes, however you have to pay focus to exactly how much cash you are investing prior to you get a hybrid vehicle and after you get a hybrid automobile.

You will likewise have to make sure that either your automobile or the individual’s automobile you’re riding in is in excellent working condition. You could get a smaller sized vehicle and sacrifice track record, design, and size, however who desires to drive around in a dumpy little vehicle when they could be driving a massive SUV? Does a hybrid automobile actually conserve you cash?

Does a hybrid automobile truly conserve you cash? Yes, however you have to pay focus to exactly how much cash you are investing prior to you get a hybrid automobile and after you purchase a hybrid automobile.

What you should know about the Toyota Prius?

In 1997, when the world’s leading nations were meeting in Tokyo to discuss the Kyoto Protocol, it was expected that energy consumption would be an important topic of discussion there. In fact, barely a few months before that meeting, Toyota had just launched a new car model in the Japanese car market. This model, being a new launched sold pretty well, but took quite a few years before all would come to know about it. The vehicle being talked about here is but the Toyota Prius.

Right implementation of hybrid technology

When you are talking about cars, especially ones that are built on environmentally friendly technology, it’s hardly possible that you will not stumble across the Toyota Prius. The story of this car is more a success story when compared to many others. While many automakers are still trying to build a gasoline-electric hybrid technology, Toyota is all set to release the third generation of its Prius.

This car has consistently garnered good consumer feedback over the years. There are many qualities that make it a good choice for conscious vehicle owners. The US government has, recently made it mandatory for all vehicles to provide an average fuel economy of 24 miles per gallon. The Prius has gone past that mark for a long time.

Design of the car

The car fairly resembled most compact cars on roads in the US, when it was first released. However, as the years passed Toyota made certain changes to the car’s design. There were minute additions and some small subtractions that go on to make a huge difference, with regard to certain aspects. The present generation Prius was made sleeker, as a result of which the car faces less drag. This change might be a small one in terms of design, but the less air drag results in lesser fuel consumption.

Another great feature in the design is the presence of an energy monitor. This monitor displays the energy that flows to and fro from the engine and the battery. This allows the driver to be well aware of the happenings and can ultimately lead to better and more efficient driving practices.


With hybrid cars, there are generally two types. One such type, called the parallel hybrid, where the electric motor and the gasoline engine can operate independent of each other, or both of them together, to power the car. The other is the series hybrid, in which, the gasoline primarily burns to provide power to the electric motor.

The Toyota Prius stands out in this segment too. The car is basically a series-parallel hybrid. This feature is available because the presence of a power split device, which is a gearbox and connects the electric motor, the generator and the gasoline engine into one complete unit. This setup allows greater fuel efficiency. The third generation of this car aims to achieve 50 miles per gallon, compared to the 46 miles per gallon of the previous generation.

The Toyota Prius has constantly impressed customers and environmentalists alike. With better technological implementations in the way, this car along with quite a few others will be the key to a better environment.

Why should you consider buying a Toyota Prius?

Has that news about depleting natural resources reached your ears? If it has, would you still consider persisting with that current fuel-guzzling car of yours? Presumably not, as being a sensible citizen you should care for the environment. So what car should one buy in this age that would be both environment and pocket-friendly? Well, Toyota Prius would definitely be an option that you can consider among others.

“Prius” – what kind of a name is that? And why should people pay attention to this car so much? Well, prius is a Latin word which means “before”, symbolizing the fact that it was incepted much before its time. And as for the second question, people have already taken note of this car, and is a popular choice among those who consider saving on fuel bills top priority.

An Introduction to Hybrid Vehicles

So, what makes Toyota Prius gain so much importance when speaking of environment friendliness and saving on fuel? Merely a simple fact that it is a hybrid vehicle would suffice as an answer to that. Now, what is a hybrid vehicle? Well, the technically correct term would be Hybrid Electrical Vehicle, or simply HEV. A HEV consists of two types of engines – the first is the conventional type combustion engine found generally in any car, and the other being an electric propulsion one.

And how does a HEV function? There can be different ways in which a hybrid vehicle can function. For instance, in modern HEVS, there is the presence of regenerative braking in place of conventional braking. And how does that make any good sense? Regenerative braking gives a way of converting a vehicle’s kinetic energy into electrical energy, which in turn, can be utilized for charging batteries for the electrical system. In other cases, the combustion engine of a HEV is used to spin an electrical generator (a motor-generator combination) to produce electricity.

So, by driving a HEV such as the Prius, you make minimal use of your conventional fuel such as gasoline or petrol, and make more use of electricity to drive your engine. That way, you contribute your share towards saving energy as well as saving money. But how is Prius appealing as a car to a person with its share of design and efficiency? Proceed further to find out.

Three (or four) generations of one car
The first model of Toyota Prius went with the model name of XW10, and was launched globally in 2000, much later than its launch in Japan in 1997. This marked the entry of the first generation of Prius, as a conventional sedan. The second generation came into being in 2003, with the model name of XW20, and was changed into a mid-size lift back design. In 2009, the current and third generation model XW30 was launched globally, with the facelift of a mid-size hatchback.

In addition to these three generations, Toyota Motor Company has already planned out the unveiling of a fourth generation of Toyota Prius. A much anticipated feature of this fourth generation is likely to be the introduction of a wireless charging mechanism. What more is in store can be found out only after its official launch. Till then, hold your breath!