Transmission Fluid Leaks : What you need to know

The problem of transmission leak is very common is cars. Normally, car companies warn car owners about transmission problems like buzzing sounds heard from underneath the vehicle hood and transmission leaks or dripping fluids. Many a times, car owners try to solve such problems all by themselves but they fail in their attempt because such problems seem to be bigger than they actually appear. Therefore, car owners should never try mending such problems all by themselves because they can end up causing more damage to their cars. There are other important reasons that can be detailed that support the point that car owners should not try and mend transmission leaks all by themselves and the reasons have been detailed below:

The Problem might be very complicated

Many car owners are of the view that a transmission leak is just like any other leak but this is not the reality. Transmission Leak in cars can be very difficult to manage and they can be even bigger that what an individual has in mind. It should further be noted that even professionals who are into dealing with the problems of a car get to know that there is a transmission leak in the car, they do not immediately jump to patch up the problem. A professional first looks into the far for the major cause of the leak and then works out a remedy for the leak. The reason behind this is the fact that there exist different forms of leaks and if people do not have proper knowledge about the different types of leaks they can end up further increasing the problem of the car in place of solving the issue.

Insurance and Warranty

All cars possess insurance and warranties especially when brand new cars are bought. This brings forward the pint that within a stipulated time frame, if the car has certain problems or breakages and requires repair then there is no money required to be spent on the car because of the warranties availed with the car. There are various types of car insurances that cover these expenses but the coverage is also directly dependent on insurance terms. If the repair of the car is done all alone without taking professional help or without informing the car company that sold the car then the expenses incurred might not be returned. The damage made on savings would never be covered by insurance or warranties.

Sometimes it might not be a Transmission Leak

It has already been mentioned earlier that a Transmission Leak is never as simple as it appears to be. There are a number of possibilities and therefore people should not try mending any of the car problems all by themselves because it would not get them at any focal point. Infact, the problem might be worsened. Therefore it is always a good idea to take professional or mechanical help for any sort of problems of a car before trying to solve the problem all alone.

Why a Car suffer from Transmission Leak?

There are often transmission leaks found in a car because of the fact that there is a huge content of sulfur in the transmission oil and this causes the seals to leak and shrink. The sulfur content of the transmission oil, little humidity and friction heat results in the creation of an acid stew into the transmission fluid. Acid does not play a good role for transmissions and fluids. This is the reason why car companies warn the car owners to change the transmission fluids very often so that they can avoid the chances of transmission leaks. Even though this is done on a regular basis, the car is prone to suffer from transmission leaks. Gaskets and seals are made from rubber that is specially designed to hold pressure during the process of sealing. When heats and acids are present, acids get into such rubbery seals and therefore the compounds react to acids by shrinking resulting in the hardening of the rubber compound. The larger and spongy nature makes the fluids seeping in and passing outside. Acids are never considered to be very good for any sort of transmissions and at the same time high temperatures and friction are also not considered to be good for transmissions. All these things speedup up the wearing out process of the transmissions, make them poor and result in leakage of light-brown and red fluid.

How to prevent the unwanted transmission leakages of vehicles?

Instructions for stopping the leakages of transmission

  • The leakage type and the severity need to be determined in this regard otherwise the perfect repairing procedure will not be determined properly. The fluid leakage is considered as the most common Transmission Leak trouble which can be even more severe in certain cases. White colored poster paper or cardboard needs to be laid down over the ground below the leaked transmission. This kind of arrangement is mainly made for determining the actual source leakage so that necessary repairing services can be catered accordingly.
  • The vehicle’s transmission pan needs to be checked for checking the condition of the gasket within it. Excessive wearing and age might lead to the unwanted failure of the gasket which is one of the leading causes of transmission leakages. The transmission bolts need to be tightened and the damaged gaskets need to be completely replaced for preventing the leakage of the transmission fluid. Excessive fluid wastage might lead to the destruction of the transmission life and that can also increase your repairing costs to a great extent.
  • The lines of the transmission fluid need to be tightened and replaced in order to prevent the occurrence of corrosion or rusting that often causes a great harm to those lines as a result of which the transmission fluid goes out.
  • Transmission stop-leak bottles now can be easily available and these bottles can be installed in order to prevent the fluid wastage and for the effective preservation of the same. These bottles are mostly provided with proper instructions and these instructions are sincerely followed for effective installation of the same within the transmission. These bottles can cater only a temporary solution or fixing until you take your vehicle to any professional expert.
  • If the leakage hole is too small, then in that case you must use a specialized sealant that can prevent the fluid leakage for a longer period of time.
  • The internal fittings need to be tested thoroughly by the expert auto mechanics for determining the actual problem.

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