Impotence in Men Sexual Life

Impotence as a sexual problem in a large scale the image that man has of himself which makes it susceptible to fear of failure in future sexual functioning. Once you develop a sense of anxiety, and there is a tendency to anticipate future failures, which leads to increasing the initial fear and repeated failure to achieve an erection. So when her sex approached with the idea that it must demonstrate seamless performance and its scary if fails, then impotence is not sure the outcome of sexual intercourse. Thinking in this way, attention is focused on the fear of failure rather than sexual arousal. It is therefore, no wonder that he cannot get aroused with their attention focused on the idea of “Will I make it this time? What if I fail? That would be terrible! “This reasoning results in fear just thinking about sex and can hardly contribute to the feeling of relaxation and eroticism which is certainly a prerequisite for satisfactory sexual intercourse.

Male infertility is a disease that no man would want to have. A compound of male infertility is a matter of choice and happiness. It is someone choice if he wants or do not want to have infertility. If someone wants to be a fertile, he has to try to do all the common causes of these diseases.

The most recent study on this subject shows that no man with a sperm concentration of less than 13.5 million/ml and motility of sperm of less than 32%, and less than 9% of spermatozoa of normal appearance had children. All men with higher sperm concentration of 48 million / ml, motility greater than 63%, and with more than 12% sperm of normal appearance had children.

Causes of Impotence

The main causes of erection in men is the action of some sensitive hormones that senses sex images, thoughts and organs, and sends them to the brain, which eventually brings about reactions that makes the penis grow very hard. Now, when a man has low libido, this will make the brain not to trigger an erection and therefore no “hard on” to give sexual functions. Impotency is the state whereby a man cannot perform his sexual functions properly.

The causes of impotence are so numerous to mention, and most of the causes boils down to some already existing physical defects in the body. Whenever the nervous system that sends and receives these messages develops any problem, there is improper blood circulation or there is a case of loss of libido or low libido, the result is that potency is challenged and reduced. These are mostly caused by conditions like stress, anxiety, depression and hormonal changes in the body.

In line with this, the physical causes of impotency are divided into four main categories.

  • The vasculogenic factors occur when there is something affecting the proper flow of blood to the penis.
  • It can also be hormonal, and this includes malfunctioning of the hormones, especially when the level of hormone is not right.
  • The third is neurogenic, and this occurs when the nervous systems are problematic.
  • The last is the anatomical causes that happen when something is wrong with the penis physically.

Some of the things that can trigger these causes include the excessive intake of alcohol, and smoking which can damage the blood vessels to reduce the level of blood that flows to the penis. Diseases like diabetes, heart diseases, hypertension, clogged blood vessels, and spinal cord injuries are also included. People with Parkinson’s disease, kidney diseases, metabolic syndrome and obesity are also prone to become impotent. Hormonal problems like overactive and under-active thyroid, coupled with low testosterone can also trigger the physical causes.

Meanwhile, there are other things that can cause impotence in men and women. When you engage in cycling for a very long time, the nerves that causes blood to flow properly to the penis becomes compressed. This will lead to a temporary type of infertility. Other things include the aftermath of prostate cancer and bowel cancer treatment.

There are some prescription drugs that can also cause impotency. Drugs like fibrates, antidepressants and many other diuretics poses high risks of infertility. Some cases of infertility are also caused by stroke.

There are also some relationship problems that can bring about this. This lies on the psychological part of it and it can only cause temporary dysfunction. Emotions, depression and fatigue also cause this.

There are many ways of diagnosing the cause of impotence and treating them. Meanwhile, it has been proven that a particular condition can let you know the type you are suffering from. The theory is that if your own type of dysfunction is the type that occurs all the time, including not being able to have an erection even early in the morning, then you are likely looking at a physical cause. But, if you only witness this when you want to have sex, then it is most probably due to mental and psychological causes.

How to Prevent Impotence

This is perhaps one of the disease or medical conditions that lack the proper awareness that many other diseases receive. When I was discussing with friends on a health forum on the reason why impotence is not given the awareness that other diseases receive. Some people said it is because of the fact that it is not predominant, while others said it is because of the fact that many people are ashamed to talk about this and therefore prefer to keep mute about it.

Now, we latter discovered that this is one of the diseases that gives people more emotional problem than many others.  The research went on to reveal to us that the truth about why there is less awareness on the prevention, avoidance and cure of impotence is not just because of the number or people that suffer from it, because we eventually discovered that it is as predominant as many other talked about diseases. The problem is that nobody wants to associate with impotence.

The bad thing about this is that if it is not talked about, many other people will develop it because they do not know how to prevent or avoid it and they will also not want to talk about it even when they are greatly troubled emotionally. This will keep killing people in silence.

There are many preventive measures that you can adopt, and they will help you avoid cases of impotence. There are things that are called risk factors in the medical field. These risk factors are the factors that increase the chances of contacting diseases, and there are many things that will increase the risk of contacting impotence in you. What you just have to do is to avoid these risk factors or to manage them well, and you would have prevented importance.

The number one thing you need to do is to manage all your medical conditions well. This is because of the fact that majority of the cases of impotence developed from chronic diseases like that of the heart, lungs and kidney. Whenever you want to change medications for any type of disease, make sure you get your doctors approval before you embark on such.

Another thing you need to do to prevent impotence is for you to make sure you live on a healthy diet and good exercise routine.

Smoking and the use of recreational drugs have also been proven to cause many of the cases of impotence. Excessive smoking damages the penile arteries on the long run, while these other drugs can reduce your sex drive. These two acts have not been certified to have any significant importance to the body, and are not prescribed by medical experts on any occasions. Because of this, you need to avoid them completely, as they do not help your health; rather they increase the chances of becoming impotent.

You are also better off if you engage in the act of going for counseling about your sexual life from time to time. This is very important because stress and anxiety are other major causes of impotence, and when you go for counseling, your stress level is reduced and you feel more relaxed because you are talking with experts.

How to treat impotence without drugs

There are several treatments that can be given to people that have problems with their potency with the intention of correcting the problem, and many of them are very effective. The predominant treatments include the use of drugs, surgeries and then some technologically induced things that will help trigger erection in men.

We have witnessed in the recent past a situation where almost all the truthful medical practitioners are calling for the return to the natural and herbal ways of doing this, other than the chemically packed drugs, and the artificial surgeries that puts huge money into the pockets of the drug manufacturers and the surgeons. This has not received good reception and acceptance because of the fact that those who have been benefiting from surgeries and drugs will never let go.

But, the truth still remains that the best ways of treating all elements remains the traditional and herbal natural ways that leaves little or no side and adverse effects. This is the reason why you need to know how to treat impotence without drugs.

There are two main types of treatments for impotence that does not involve the use of drugs and surgeries. They are the pump and herbs.

The pump

This involves the use of a plastic cylinder, a pump and an elastic ring or band to trigger erection. The process involves placing the cylinder on the penis and using the pump to force air out of the cylinder. When this is done, the vacuum will then force the air into the penis, and this will simply bring about an erection. However, this involves some stress because when the first erection is achieved, the man has to hold the elastic band on the base of the penis. This will insure that the achieved blood flow in to the penis will not flow back to the body immediately. This will then involve allowing the ring to be on the penis while the intercourse goes on. This has been in use for a long time and many people have attested to its efficacy.


Of course we do not need to explain this so long before it is understood. When you visit areas like Africa and Asia, most of the cases of erectile dysfunction or impotence are all treated with herbs. There are numerous herbs that are very effective in the correction of the erectile defects in the male organs.

One of the most effective of these herbs is the Tribulus terrestris. This has become a household name in the treatment of impotence, mostly in Asia and Europe. It was used in its raw form for a very long time. It was only in the latter years that protodioscin which is Tribulus most active ingredient is being harvested and used technologically. But, apart from this, there are many other Tribulus extracts that is also used for the treatment of this. When you come to Africa, there are numerous unnamed herbs that have proved effective in correcting this body condition. But one thing is that as much as these herbs are very effective and without any adverse effects, their level of harvesting and preparation might be of some hygienic concern.