Benefits of Having a Carbon Air Filter at Home

A carbon air filter is a highly effective and affordable way of keeping the air inside a house clean. There are many air purifiers that make use of activated carbon for filtering impurities from air. Such air filters are also readily available for air handlers and furnaces. The carbon that is found inside the carbon air filter is actually charcoal product that is specially treated so that it opens up the surface pores and makes it much more absorbent. Contaminants that are pulled from air are then trapped into this air filter and they are neutralized further. There are many contaminants and impurities that are removed from the air by the help of an air filter and they include dust, certain gases, allergens, chemicals, pollutants, pet dander and pollen. A carbon air filter serves to be of great use in a house where odors of different kinds are great problem. Homes that possess poor cooks that are prone to certain mishaps, smokers and pets, a carbon air filter can be of great use as it neutralizes the odors present in such homes and they help in keeping such homes smelling clean.

Several Benefits served by Carbon Air Filter

In homes where people suffer from conditions like asthma and allergies, a Carbon Air Filter can be of great use because it removes pollen, dust and various other allergens contained in air. A carbon air filter has the capacity of absorbing airborne chemicals that are found majorly in cleaners used in households and this serves to be very beneficial for people who are prone to chemical sensitivities. People who do not suffer from specific health conditions can also get benefitted from carbon air filters because clean air also helps a person feel more energetic and healthier. Those who possess cats and dogs at home may also feel the requirement of having a carbon air filter for the removal of strong pet smells from the home as it serves to be very embarrassing when people come to your home and they smell something bad. Embarrassing odors in a home can be easily removed by the help of a carbon air filter. It helps in such a way that visitors do not even realize that you might be having a cat or a dog at home.

Making the Choice of the Perfect Carbon Air Filter

carbon air filter-03The type of carbon air filter chosen by an individual depends on the requirements of that particular individual. There are some air filters that are suggested to be used in households where people suffer from odor problems. There are other air filters that are required to be used by people who suffer from allergies and asthma. There are even certain carbon air filters designed to clean the air that fills a house. There are portable air filters called spot filters that help in filtering the air present in one small room. These filters are very small in size. However, inspite of the fact that there are large varieties of carbon air filters available in the market, it is important to note that there are some very important factors that are required to be considered before making the purchase of a Carbon Air Filter. When making the choice of a carbon air filter, it is important to check the MERV ratings of the filter. Air filters are graded on scales ranging from one to sixteen and it is suggested that people should go for the purchase of those carbon air filters that are highly rated because filter possessing high rating are considered to be much more efficient in removing pollutants and particles from air. The air filters that are used in many homes carry MERV ratings between one and four and for those people who are looking forward to using more powerful air filters should always go for the choice of filters with MERV rating eight and even more than that. Now when the choice of the carbon air filter is made, the next step is to have a clear idea about the time of replacement of the filter. It is very important to have a clear idea about the time of replacement of the filter because the filter over the years would trap many contaminants and pollutants and would lose its ability to trap such chemicals furthermore which would results in the loss of the effectiveness of the filter.

Cleaning these air filters

carbon air filter-01If you are intending to save money on cleaning the carbon air filter, then in that case you need to follow simpler DIY steps. In most of the cases, the cleaning procedure must be conducted after regular intervals at least after every month. Regular usage leads to the deposition of thick layers of wastes or dust particles and sometimes the sticky wastes also create a smelly odor. The normal life length of these air filters is approximately 60 to 90 days, but if you maintain them in a proper manner, then you can even get enhanced longevity till one year or more.

If you are confused regarding how to conduct the cleaning procedure of Carbon Air Filter, then you can surely ask any professional expert or else can take the help of online browsing for learning more about the same. You must be very much sure about the cleaning procedure and the cleaning solution otherwise you will not be able to conduct the same in a proper manner. Some potential steps for cleaning these air filters are in the following:-

•    You must take a pan or bucket and must fill the same with the requisite cleaning liquid solution mixed up with lukewarm water. You can choose your dishwasher detergent in this regard for creating this solution. You must always remember that the cleaning liquid must be highly organic and eco-friendly.

•    The carbon filters need to be soaked within the created solution with complete submerging. It takes at least 15 minutes to remove the entire waste deposition from the carbon filters thoroughly.

•    While the filters are submerged, you must use any scrubber or brush for proper cleaning of the wastes from the interior parts of the filters. You also need to shake the carbon filter from one side to another and then you need to repeat the same form of cleaning with the front and back sides of that filter. In this manner, the grime or dirt will be loosening up faster and your cleaning process will be successful.

•    The filter needs to be rinsed off with hot-water after taking the same out of the soapy solution. This is essential for removing the soapy layers from the filters after the cleaning process. You must make sure that the filter has been thoroughly cleaned and all the wastes have gone.

•    After that, you must put the filter for drying either under sunlight or under normal fan. After the drying up of the filter, you can again use the same for the requisite purposes.

Affordable carbon filter repair

If you want affordable repairing cost of the carbon air filter, then you must adopt certain strategic means. One of the most important methods is thorough cleaning and washing of dirt or waste removal. Another popular method is to insure your air filters so that the repairing costs can be easily compensated with low efforts. The insurance coverage is also quite useful in compensating the replacement costs for completely damaged filters.