The Disney Princes: The Favorites

Disney has been around for quite some time and people have loved the movies produced by them as long as they have been producing them. The viewership of Disney Productions have been getting bigger and bigger with the passage of every single day and the reason behind that is the quality of work they put in their animation and their storyline. It all began many years ago when a guy named Walt Disney stated his own animation house with a short animation about a mouse named Mickey Mouse and as time passed, many other characters entered the world of Disney but it was high time for Walt Disney to produce something that would not be used as a prime time cartoon.

Eugene Fitzherbert

The most beloved prince of all is Eugene Fitzherbert, who is currently holding the place of the most loving and adorable male protagonist of all. Eugene is a character that is shown in a rebellious role at first, but as the story moves on, Eugene’s inner side is shown which shows his sensitivity and his caring nature. The story begins when Eugene stoles the crown of the missing princess from the castle and as he tries to hide from the royal guards, he found himself in front of a really tall tower that has absolutely no stares whatsoever. He starts climbing up the walls of the tower and soon he falls inside a dark room where he is unable to see anything or nay one. Soon, a couple of hair appears towards him before he knew, he was tied to a chair with a lot of golden shinning hair and a voice confronting him about his identity.

This was a girl named Rapunzel and she has the biggest amount of hair he has ever seen. The story of this movie is quite different from the original, classic tale, but since the directors of this movie have managed to place a lot personality in the characters of the movie, people love the movie even more. Plus there are a number of songs in the movie that show how talented Eugene really is and when it comes to saving the life of Rapunzel and the rest of the crew, he is willing to do a anything in his power. The movie was released in the year of 2010 and in the movie Eugene calls himself, Flynn Rider but as he becomes friends with Rapunzel, he begins to get more and more comfortable with his identity. By the end of the movie, both Rapunzel and Eugene fell in love with each other and they get married to each other. In the original Disney Production Tangled, the voice overs for Eugene have been given by the very talented Zachary Levi, who has performed a marvelous job in this case.

The songs that he has sung, including “I See the Light” are a huge hit amongst the audience. As far as the appearance of Eugene is concerned, he is of a medium height with a rather dark complexion and dark brown hair. His clothes also depict the life that he is living and his features are quite pretty with a rather pointy nose and a striking smile. The personality of Eugene is not shown as a negative thing, rather, he is shown as a person who really cares for the people he loves and all the things that he does are only for the purpose of adventure and as soon as he begins his journey with Rapunzel, she manages to bring out the goodness that has always been inside of Eugene. The movie is quite entertaining and it is a classic tale which will be around in the minds of all the Disney fans for a long time.

As far as the background of Eugene Fitzherbert is concerned, he was never aware of his parents and he has been alone for a long time. The character of Eugene is similar to the character of Aladdin in many ways. For example, Aladdin was also a thief and he was also caring for those who were deserving of his kindness and both of them marry the princess at the end of the movie. All in all the character development of Eugene is incredibly fantastic with all the flaws and attributes fit for the perfect man.

Prince Naveen

In case you have watched the famous Disney production The Princess and the Frog then it is quite possible that you are aware about the male protagonist of the movie which is Prince Naveen from the kingdom of Maldonia. You might also be aware that the prince is quite a stereotypical when it comes to his personality. The story begins when the prince visits America in order to find a girl with a rich background and a huge fortune so that his parents would let him rule the country after they have passed the throne to their son. In order to achieve that position, the prince had to prove that he is valuable and talented and he is responsible enough to maintain harmony in a kingdom, but instead he decides to persuade a girl and marry her so that he can go back to his home town with all the glory but the fate has something else for him. At the same time, a girl named Tiana is trying to save enough money and buy a restaurant for herself as ever since she was a little girl, she have dreamed to own her own restaurant, but that is going to have to wait as she goes to the party that is organized for the prince in honor of his arrival.

On this party the assistant of the prince manages to turn him into a frog in order to go to the party as the prince himself with the help of a dark magician named Dr. Faciliar. Tiana happens to be in the same room as the frog prince and she is startled when the frog speaks to her and convinces her to kiss him on the mouth, so that he can convert back into a man, but the little does he know, the spell is only broken with a true love kiss and they have not even known each other, let alone true love. As Tiana kissed the prince, the results went quite the opposite as they expected and Tiana was turned into a Frog as well. They set out in order to save themselves from the magician and the fake prince and along the way, many changes keep happening to the prince as well as Tiana. They find new friends and prince Naveen learns that not caring about the tiniest things is not a solution; instead he should face his problems and find a solution that is helpful in the long run. The appearance of the prince is quite attractive with his golden brown eyes, his dark brown hair and his dark complexion that allows him to charm any girl he wants.

On top of that, Prince Naveen is also shown as a great Saxophone artist and he loves Jazz music. Also, he is shown as a snobbish prince, but throughout the movie he transforms into a completely different person, who is capable of feeling the pain and happiness of the people linked to his life and is determined to do something for himself. You can see that by the end of the movie, when Prince Naveen and Tiana mutually opens up a restaurant and he begins to perform as the entertainer in the restaurant which will initially help him to overcome the ultimatum that has been given to him by his parents. This is a great lesson and it shows that one should never try to find any kind of short cuts in life; instead you should always trust your instincts and pray to God for your success.

Li Shang

The famous Chinese based Disney classic production Mulan is loved by millions and the reason behind that is the rebellious behavior of the leading actors. For example the leading lady named Mulan, who went to the war as his father, was too sick to attend war fairs and she did not have any brother that can take her father’s place. Whereas the captain of the team Mulan was in is the leading male protagonist, named Li Shang who later on becomes the love interest of Mulan. The movie Mulan was released in the year of 1989 and it became a huge hit due to the bold subject that it had and this is why, the producers of the film also made a sequel of this movie which was also a huge hit amongst the viewers. The male character of Li Shang is shown as a brave soldier, who is willing to do anything in his power to train his troop to be the best in the Chinese army and by the end of the movie he even becomes successful in this dream of his.

The character is shown to be quite brave and strong and is shown as a determined captain that is determined about the safety of his country and makes his father proud of his education and training. The voice over of the character is performed by the talented BD Wong but he was not the voice over for the songs that he had to sing, instead the producers hired Donny Osmond to sing all of his songs. Li Shang is the son of the head of the Chinese army named General Li, who is highly capable and determined in his duties and expect the same from his son, but as Li Shang receives a fake approval from the Chinese army that they are capable of fighting in the war and as the entire troop journeyed to the war land, they get to know each other more and more but sadly by the time, they reach the estimated land, they find out that the General and his entire troop has been killed by the barbarians.

In the same time, Li Shang and the rest of the troop finds out that Mulan is actually a girl and feelings between the two of them begin to spring up, but he Li Shang had no time to involve himself into a love scene so he leaves Mulan and orders her to go home otherwise in case the army finds out about this fraud, they would kill her for sure. The Truth is that Li Shang is shown as a man who is not very versatile when it comes to showing his feelings and embracing the fact that he is in love with Mulan. He was not letting his feelings get in the way of his duties, but although he is a hard guy, he is pretty smooth on the outside. He is shown to have broad shoulders a fair complexion and the traditional Chinese features that are perfectly symmetrical. Other than that, Li Shang is shown to be strong headed and a man of his word and everything he has in his life and the position he owns is a result of his hard work and his determination.

As far as the costume of Li Shang are concerned, he wore simple kimonos throughout the movie except for the part where he had to wear a proper Chinese war armor, which enhances his masculine body even more. In short Li Shang is a character who is still learning in his life, but he is not letting go of any hope.

John Smith

You must remember the Pocahontas movie from Walt Disney production from the famous song “Mother Nature” which was as beautiful as the world itself. The movie was featuring a character named John Smith, who was the love interest of the leading lady that was Pocahontas and who was also the daughter of the chief of the Indian Tribe. The character of John Smith was based on an actual character, which existed in the history of American development. The voice overs for the character were performed by the famous and dense actor Mel Gibson, however, in the sequel of the movie, which was released shortly after the first movie, the voice overs were performed by Donal Gibson, who is the younger brother of Mel Gibson. As far as the history of the character is concerned, you will see that John Smith is shown as a 19 year old explorer from the shining city of England and even as a young adult, John Smith is bound to be a legend in his country and for the people that living outside of it, which is why he is loved by the king and is considered a favorite when it comes to making fragile decisions about the kingdom and the people that liked to it in several ways.

This is why when the time came for a ship to be sent to the land of America, in order to make peace with the local tribes, John Smith was their first choice and since John Smith was not a violent and barbaric man, he chooses to make peace with the people of America rather than forcing them to leave their homeland and killing them without any reason. He had always been famous for the stories of his voyages and the exploits that he made and since he came to the New World with a concept that the people living in this new land are also going to be like the other savages that he have fought in the past but all of that changes when he meet Pocahontas, a girl who shows him the true beauty behind the mother nature. Since the people of this tribe were emotionally and physically linked to the nature in many complicated ways, they did not want any kind of intruders to come to their land and on the other hand the British people thought that they have conquered the land and now, they are the ones that should live on this land and not the natives.

To save their new homeland, they started fighting the natives and started considering them the bad guys. It is shown that John Smith is not a man that is being stubborn about the concepts he have but as soon as Pocahontas shows him the reality, he instantly turns sides and begins to support the natives on the side they were on. He begins to place harmony between the British people and the natives so that everyone can live in peace and he stands firm in his decision, but as soon as the word got out to the kingdom, the previous rival of John Smith blew ashes in the palace of the treason that John Smith was performing. As far as the looks of John Smith are concerned, he is shown as a tall and broad male that has fair skin tone, golden hair and blue eyes. In short, John Smith was portrayed as a handsome looking man that can charm every man and woman through his looks and his charisma and he is also shown to be brave and determined whenever someone is in need of his help.


Aladdin, who was the son of Cassim and his wife whose name is not given in the movie and he was only a little baby when his father had to leave him forever and till that time, Aladdin was living on his own, but instead of showing that Aladdin remained an abandoned child and became suicidal, Disney producers chose to show him as a character that learned how to survive and live on his own. This shows that in this movie the male protagonist was not just a perfect man who is brave and can live on his own with all the money that his parents have given him.

Aladdin was not a prince nor did he have any fortune that his parents had left for him. He has not even had any good friends expect from a monkey named Abu and although the character of Aladdin is shown to be happy for the life he has, and he tries to help others from what he owns but still there are signs that indicate the insecurities in the character and the reason behind that could be the lack of education that he has and the fact that his father left him and never came back and his mother was enslaved by the bandits. This leaves him no proper way to earn a proper living for himself and the only way he thought he could earn his bread is through stealing the food he needed from the streets. This is why the policemen of Agrabah were always behind him in order to capture him, but due to his intelligence and speed it was quite impossible for them to do so.

The character of Aladdin has quite a lot of similarities with the English hero Robin Hood because Robin Hood was also shown as a person who used to steal from the poor and helped the people in need, which Aladdin was shown doing quite a lot. On the other hand, the princes of that kingdom who was named Jasmine was living a life of royalty, but she was also sick of her life and she wanted to try new things and add in new experiences in her life, but due to security reasons, she was unable to do so and on top of that the father of the princes was looking for a suitor who would marry the princes and look after the kingdom when the king hands over the thrown to the new couple.

In order to impress the princess, many suitors from far beyond countries traveled great lands, but none of them were what the prince was looking for. They were all the same and the only intention they had was the throne that was about to come with the princes. The king had almost lost all hopes when the captain of the Sultan’s guards Razoul persuades the king to marry his daughter to him so that he can take over the entire throne for good, but the spell didn’t last for too long because of the same time, Aladdin found a lamp which had captivated a mystical creature. This seemed like a golden chance for Aladdin to charm the princess whom he met in the bazaar one day. Princess Jasmine was first quite hesitant about the whole thing and she thought that Aladdin is going to be like the rest of those men who tried to charm her and get her fortune, but as she gets to know Aladdin in the famous song “I Can Show You the World”, she begins to like Aladdin and at the end after overcoming all of the problems, they get married and live happily ever after.

Prince Adam (The Beast)

The movie Beauty and the Beast is probably the most loved Disney fairy tales of all because it does not feature a goody two shoes princes who fell in love with a charming prince who swept her off her feet as sing happy songs about the life further. The movie basically shows the love between a beast and a normal girl from a small town and you can see that love springing inside of them as the time passes. The movie was released in the year of 1991 and as soon as it hit the theaters, people instantly fell in love with all the songs and characters in the movie. The songs of the film are still a hit and in the upcoming years, the Disney production house have decided to make a live version film based on this story which is bound to cast Emma Watson from the famous Harry Potter series as Belle.

As far as the male protagonist of this film is concerned, he is a prince who was notorious to have a lack of compassion and love in his heart for people that were not physically attractive but seeing the acts of the prince, an enchantress came to the doors of his castle and asked for mercy but he had none to show and as a punishments for his previous and present behaviors, the enchantress turned the prince into a beast and he is bound to stay like this until someone begins to love him for the beast he is. The real name of the beast is Prince Adam but in the movie he is mostly shown as the beats, however, at the end of the movie, as Belle kisses the beast and confirms her feelings for him, he turns back into a human and they dance at the famous tune which is titled “Tail as Old as Time”.

The movie is so enchanting and mesmerizing that it will captivate all of your senses, with its beautiful visuals and the flow in animation that had been never done before and a logical story line. As far as the persona of Prince Adam is concerned, he is shown to be quite an angry beast and you will be able to sense that anger through the aggressive motion that he is going to perform. The voice overs for the prince have been performed by the very talented actor Robby Benson and he has performed a brilliant job. The main things behind this story is that the prince was turned as ugly outside as he was inside and there was no way out of that spell, unless the prince changes himself for good and proves that he is a different man now but to do that, he need a girl to fall in love with him as he was. However, at first Belle resents his ugly attitude and his childish behaviors but as soon as she gets to know the real him, she starts to feel something for him inside of her.

The movie shows that Prince Adam is a caring man but due to his stubborn mind, he is unable to see pass through the appearance and physicality of the world but as the story moves further, the prince begins to see the true sense of beauty and learns that beauty has nothing to do with what you look like but it is all about the inside of a man or woman which makes him or her beautiful. When you live someone, it does not matter, what they look like and the only thing that matters is the things they like or dislike.

Prince Eric

The 1989 Disney classic production The Little Mermaid was a movie that painted reality in the classic and ancient story of a mermaid from the deepest corners of the sea who fell in love with a human prince. The movie also had a sequel that was released as a television series in the year of 1992 and it went on for almost two years and after that in the year of 2000 the production house also released a sequel of the movie in which the couple had to cope up with the issues that their daughter was having in terms of dealing between the human and sea world. The story of this movie was actually written by an author named Hans Christian Andersen which also goes by the same name as the movie and when it came to the screenplay of the story for the Disney production, it was done by the famous screenwriter Roger Allers.

To capture the charisma of the character, the animators had to work even harder on the animation and to add that little extra bit, they casted Christopher Daniel Barnes as the voice over artist for Prince Eric. The prince is not shown as the typical stereotype of a prince who can only sword fights with their royal friends and subjects and charms the ladies wherever they go. Actually Prince Eric is quite a rebel and he loves the rush of adventure and this is why even as a young prince when he can spend his time in the royalties of his castle and live the life of a prince, he preferred to go on voyages that are life threatening in order to find further lands and waters. The prince is also shown to have his own team that is always with him no matter where he goes. The reason behind the love for the sea and voyages in Prince Eric’s heart can be the reason why the kingdom of the prince is so near the sea and he has spent all of his life in the sea and activities that are connected to the sea. This movie was quite special because on this move, Prince Eric did not have to kiss the girl in order to save her, but this time, he had to face the evil monster named Ursula in order to save the love of his life. The story between Ariel, the Mermaid and Prince Eric begins when the crew of his ship is celebrating his birthday and to get a closer look at the fireworks in the sky, Ariel dives near the ship of the Prince but instead of looking at the fireworks, Arial finds herself staring at the Prince with a feeling that she might be in love with the Prince one day.

Since the appearance of Prince Eric is quite attractive with his fair skin tone, his muscular body and his blue eyes and do not even forget to mention the beautiful dimple that is seen on the cheeks of the Prince whenever he smiles. Then there is that messy look about his dressing sense that captivates the heart of his lady and many others for that reason. There is also a sense of sensitivity shown in the character because even when Eric knows that Ariel is unable to speak, he falls in love with her and you can see that love in the famous song of the movie, which is titled “Kiss the Girl”. The character of Prince Eric can be seen in many movies, but for a short period of time, but that was quite enough for the millions of fans of the water loving couple.

Prince Philip

The leading man of the 1959 Disney classic movie The Sleeping Beauty is a character that defines elegance and power at the same time and it’s one of the preferred Disney Princes. Prince Philip is the loving son of King Hubert, who is currently looking for a fair maiden for his son, since he is next in line for the throne after him and he wants him to settle down, but since the Prince is young and he is not familiar with the idea and the power of love, he wants to stay away from all of this but all of that changes as soon as he hears a sweet voice in the middle of the woods. As he follows the voice he ends up meeting a beautiful girl that is collecting flowers in the woods and singing about the dream that she has been having for a couple of days that involves that man that would love her forever and ever. At that moment, Prince Philip understands how he has been blind for so many years and now, that he is familiar with the power of true love, all he wants is to be with the girl that he heard singing in the woods.

The girl that had hair that were shinny as gold and eyes that were black as the raven while her lips were as red as the roses, but by the time he decides to propose the girl, and reaches the same place where they first met, he learns that the girl is gone from that place and the reason why she is gone from that place is a curse because of which she had been living with her fairy godmothers in the woods where no one will see or meet her. The name of that girl is Princess Aurora and she is from the kingdom right beside the kingdom of Prince Philip. But sadly a witch casts a deadly spell on the princess which will put her to eternal sleep as soon as she is turned 16 years old and that incident will happen as soon as she touches the needle of a weaving machine and to save their daughter from this deadly spell, the king and queen have kept their daughter in the custody of three fairy godmothers. They are bound to live in a hut in the darkest corners of the furthest jungle so that the witch will not be able to find the princess. The only thing that can break the spell is a kiss from the person who loves the princess with all his heart and that kiss is the only thing that can save her from this death.

Prince Philip is shown to be daring and brave and he is willing to do anything for the love of his life but sadly the prince was not given too much appearance in the movie and the reason behind that can be the fact that the animation of Prince Philip was quite difficult. However, the song of this movie, which goes by the title of “Once upon a Dream” have become quite a heart catching tune throughout the years and people still love that song. The success of that song can be measured through the fact that in the remake of the movie Sleeping Beauty named Maleficent was also featured this song in the voice of Lana Del Ray and people are still in love with this song even now. The love between Prince Philip and Aurora is quite a heartwarming sight which has left millions of their fans smiling at the end, wanting for more tales to be told.

Prince Charming

As you can tell from the name, the content that you are about to read is going to be about the famous and handsome, Prince Charming, who plays the love interest of Cinderella in the Disney produced movie named Cinderella. The movie Cinderella was released in the year of 1950 and as the long lasting tale of two love birds came to the big screen in the most beautiful and loving way, people loved it, which is why, the production house has launched two more sequels of this tale. However, in the original Cinderella movie the Prince was voiced by the very handsome William Phipps but he only performed the voice over for the prince while he was speaking and as far as the singing part of the voice overs was concerned, it was given by the melodious Mike Douglas.

Compared to the early Disney production like the Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, in which the prince of the movie was given a tiny part as far as the visuals, are concerned, in Cinderella, Prince Charming was visible in a huge part of the movie which was a pretty big step for the Disney animators. Still, the original screenplay of the movie which shows the initial stages of character development and storytelling, you will be able to see an even bigger part of the prince. The best thing about Prince Charming was his personality, and you can clearly see that in the movie as the prince makes funny jokes, hunts with his friends and enjoys ballroom dancing with the love of his life which also shows a romantic and loving side of the prince. You can also see that the prince is quite sensitive when it comes to his role models in terms of love and care and it is quite adorable when the prince shares his views about the love between his mother and father and how he wants to find a love like theirs.

Since the prince is young and he has all the necessary abilities that would make him the perfect prince, he is also shown in the movie challenging his father in a friendly sword fight. In short, unlike the older Disney movies, Prince Charming had a great personality and he was determined to find the love of his life and for that he left no stone unturned and no corner dirty. You can also see that the prince was not hasty about the wealth of the world as he is shown to love Cinderella even when she is dressed in mere maid clothes with her hair tucked into a scarf and an old apron wrapped around her waist.

As the story moves on, you will see that the prince is somehow rebellious to the rules of the world around him, as he manages to find Cinderella even when his father the King wants him to marry rich princes and add into the fortune of his kingdom. Prince Charming does not judge the people around him based on their appearance and their ranks and this is why he is loved by each and every citizen of the kingdom. As far as his own appearance is concerned, Prince Charming is shown to have a toned body that is muscular and he also has broad shoulders with fair colored skin, brown eyes and dark black hair that suit him in every way. In the most part of his appearance, you will that the prince is shown to wear his royal outfits a lot since he has to attend to his subjects and meet people from outer world but that does not mean that the prince is trying to outshine anyone.

Prince Ferdinand

Who doesn’t know about the legendary animated movie Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, since it was the very first step towards the line of animated movies that is still going strong? That movie had some charming charisma and a dream which captivated the hearts of each and every young girl, that one day, her prince will rescue her with only a kiss. Although the movie was basically about a princess named Snow White, there was someone particular without whom, the entire story would have never been that much excitement and it was Prince Ferdinand, the prince who saved the love of his life from the poison spell of the wicked witch. The movie was released in the year of 1937 and people throughout the world completely loved this movie and Prince Ferdinand was a major part of that story.

However, since the animation of this movie was performed through 2D methods, it was quite hard for animators to animate this specific character and this is the reason why you cannot see that much of the prince in this movie. Since, Walt Disney, he was directing the whole project, he decided to act on this problem by putting the appearance of the prince only at the beginning and at the end of the movie. Prince Ferdinand has played as the love interest of the beautiful princes Snow White. The prince and the princes fell in love as soon as they look at each other and but the wicked and the evil stepmother of Princes Snow White does not want them to be together, and wants to rule the entire empire by herself and to make sure the princes does not meet the prince again, she manages to poison the princes through a poisonous apple. However, the poison was a spell that the witch cast on the apple and that spell can only be broken through the one who truly loved the princess.

The seven dwarfs, who are the friends with the princes, have lost all hope, but suddenly Prince Ferdinand arrives and breaks all the spells, which wakes up the princess and they lived happily ever after. The nature of the prince is shown to be kind and caring and since both of the prince and princes, are young, they are completely in love with each other, not knowing anything about one another. This shows the simplicity and the power of this love story, which is the true essence behind its success and the love that it receiving even today.

According to the Disney archives, Prince Ferdinand was the first ever male and a realist animated human figure and the animators of Walt Disney production, made sure that they would bring this character to life on the big screen. Since, the animation part of the prince was quite hard, the animators used a technique called Rotoscoping. In this technique, the animators can copy the movements from original pictures into an animated form and in the case of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs; the animators used Lewis Hightower to perform all the necessary actions. The head animator of Prince Ferdinand was an animator named Milt Kahl and since he performed an extraordinary job on the animation of the prince, the production house will use to give him such complicated projects in the future for example, animating Prince Charming from the animated movie Cinderella etc. The movie soon became a huge hit and since this day, the franchise of this movie has been making millions through the products that they are selling.

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