Hair Removal Products: My Experience

Over the last 12 months I have actually tried more hair elimination products than I care to remember. Not deliberately, mind you – I didn’t set out to assess a series of items or write a contrast narrative – I simply wanted to find the ideal product for me. And please do not believe I’m covered in hair. I have simple requirements – legs, underarms, touch-ups in certain other locations … As it ends up, my basic goal ended up being not so simple – and lest my trials go to waste I believed I ‘d share them with you, mild reader.

I can only hope that you will learn through my experience.


Hair Removal ProductsProbably like a lot of you, I began in my hair-removal life by shaving. I shaved all parts that I desired devoid of hair. This worked well for several years – or so I believed. Someplace in my post-29 age, I began growing weary of the constant shaving. I needed to shave every day if I wanted to keep it smooth; each day and I could feel the stubble. My tolerance for the unavoidable nicks and cuts had been reached. Sure it fasted, however I lastly started questioning if there might be something better.


Hair Removal ProductsInitially, a fast note about waxing. When I remained in college, my sweethearts presented me to this approach. Or should I say, this torment? You need to understand, I do not have an exceptionally high limit of discomfort, particularly when it comes to my own body. Others I can cause discomfort on; such as old boyfriends who decide to dally with the brief blonde from the corner cafe, or who have a dependency to watching adult videos over the internet. However when it pertains to me, my body is a temple and should be dealt with as such. Waxing, though effective in removing hair, rips it out like a band-aid on steroids. Plus, it’s messy and smells bad. I soon chose that was not an activity I would subject myself to on a regular basis.

Hair Removal Cream

Hair Removal ProductsAfter I chose that there must be a better alternative than shaving, the first thing I did was trot right out to my regional store to see what items were readily available. What did I discover, but a cream that touted to remove hair simply by wiping it on, and wiping it off. “Ah-ha”, I believed. Now this is what I was looking for!

I purchased the cream and brought it house (I won’t inform you which one, but it’s commonly available, begins with an N, and rhymes with “hair”). Following the directions, I wiped it on, let it stand for a couple of minutes, and wiped it off. Lo and behold, with a little prodding, the hair came off my legs.

The story would end here, except for two things – the smell and the dryness. Initially, this product smelled bad. I believed I could get past that; after all, it eliminated the hair, didn’t it? Attempt as I might, the odor was just too excellent of an expense for the benefit I received. Plus, it left my legs feeling dry and chaffed. I decided there need to be a much better service.


You might acknowledge this much better if I called it “electronic hair pullers”. When I was at the shop previously, I had actually seen some of these. When I returned to the store, I decided to attempt one. They all guaranteed that I might go weeks between usages. I have to admit, the gadgets themselves looked a little intimidating. Looking at the trimmers made the hair on my legs stand on end. I was determined to press on, so I purchased one and took it home.

Prior to I go on, you need to comprehend that I do consider myself an intelligent individual. I have an effective career, hit it off with my moms and dads, and can point to several relationships where my partner was completely at fault for screwing things up. Nevertheless, the only research study I did so far in my mission for the ideal hair remover was looking at items on the shop racks.

I didn’t utilize my epilator when I initially brought it home. Rather, I took it out of the plan and set it on my restroom counter. I thought, “I’ll let it get the feel of the location”, like a newborn pup exploring its new home. “Then maybe it will not harm as much as it looks like it will”. My generosity was not repaid. By the time I utilized my brand-new epilator, I had some three-to-four days growth on my legs. The stubble was palpable. And what I learnt more about my epilator was that it hurt. I’m proud to say that I utilized it on both legs. In the interest of being truthful, by the time I was done I was in tears. I could not bring myself to repeat the workout. That epilator sat in a box in my closet till I contributed it to charity at the end of the year as a tax write-off.

I now understand there are far much better epilators offered than the one I bought on that day. Much as I like the idea of a fast electronic device to remove that hair, I have actually not been able to bring myself to try another one. Perhaps at some point, however not today.


Hair Removal ProductsDiscouraged, however not undaunted, I chose to do some research study prior to my next foray into the world of hair elimination. I had actually become aware of electrolysis previously, however something about it started to intrigue me a growing number of. Maybe it was the claim of “long-term hair removal”; perhaps it was its documented history of success. I chose to give it a try.

After researching online, I determined that house electrolysis items – including RF, ultrasound, etc – doubt at finest. They might be effective, but you have to be careful and know what you’re doing. Much better leave it to the professionals, I thought. While I was doing my research study, I shared the story of my quest with a buddy. She confessed that she had been checking out laser hair elimination. We both accepted make our visits with the experts me, electrolysis, and she, laser), and compare the results.

I made the consultation for my electrolysis treatment session. Now, you need to understand that electrolysis it not low-cost. I was in a position where I might try it – but I’m well conscious that not everyone might afford the thousands of dollars that expert electrolysis can cost you each year.

Exactly what did I find out about electrolysis? Initially, it’s sloooooow. I suggest meticulously slow. A trained expert inserts a needle into each individual hair follicle while applying an electrical present to it. The existing journeys through the needle and eliminates the hair at its root. Then they pull the hair out with tweezers.

Second, it hurts. More than I thought it would be. The bad news about my epilator was that it injured; fortunately was it was over rather rapidly. Electrolysis harms too; the problem is that it goes on for hours. Which’s just for one session. You need to set up numerous consultations and come back for more sessions for various parts of your body. The service is permanent – but only after duplicated gos to. If you’re serious about electrolysis, you need to be prepared to spend the next 2-3 years minimum going through these long, agonizing, and pricey treatments. I had higher expectations than that. I have not been back for my second consultation.

Laser Hair Removal

Hair Removal ProductsAt around the same time, my friend scheduled her visit for laser treatment. There are a variety of laser hair removal treatments – IPL, Ruby Red, IML, to name a few. They all share a comparable approach; a laser beam is applied to the skin which eliminates the hair.
She had formerly gone through electrolysis treatments, so she had a bargain of apprehension related to just how much pain would be involved. She was much relieved to discover the procedure reasonably pain-free. There is a moderate “thumping” on your flesh while the laser is being used – kind of like an elastic band being snapped on your skin. And, the process was far quicker than electrolysis – it only took a couple of minutes versus hours with the amazed needle.

Drawbacks? Expense for one. The laser treatments she registered for cost numerous dollars each – well over a thousand in all. Through my research I likewise found that the government just recently released a ruling that laser hair elimination is not permanent – so the treatments (and cost) have to be continued forever. For my friend, the benefit of fast and reasonably pain-free removal deserved the expense. In fact, she continues her laser treatments to this day, and is rather pleased. For myself, I decided to continue searching for a service that would provide me similar results however expense far less.

Back to the drawing board

Hair Removal Products

By this time I was feeling extremely educated about hair elimination. However where did that leave me? It appeared I had lacked alternatives. Like any good scientist, I returned over my notes to see if I had missed out on something. In fact, I carefully analyzed my first option – the hair removal cream. I contemplated exactly what I liked about it – easy to use, basic to rub out. And what I didn’t like about it – mostly the odor. So then I chose to do some research study – on the internet, not simply on the shop shelves. Something I had actually cannot do the first time around.


I hope you can take advantage of my experience without having to invest the next few months (not to mention $1,000+) attempting all sorts of products to remove your undesirable hair. All the best and remain gorgeous!