How to Improve your Self-Esteem with Affirmations and Music

Positive self-esteem is very important for our basic health and wellness as people. Having positive self-esteem is likewise important for promoting any kind of healing, whether physical, psychological or spiritual. Poor or low self-esteem on the other hand can be rather damaging to our well-being and even our very presence. Negative self-esteem can develop anxiety, stress, loneliness, depression, problems with relationships, seriously hinder academic and job performance and also can create an enhanced vulnerability to drug and alcohol abuse and dependence. On the other hand, an individual with positive self-esteem has the tendency to be more encouraged in taking on and producing a life that he enjoys, living it powerfully and in this procedure be authentically related to others in his neighborhood. Having positive self-esteem seems necessary for having a happy and healthy presence regardless of who we are or exactly what profession we are taking on in life.

Improve your Self-Esteem with Affirmations and Music

What is self-esteem? We typically think that self-esteem is simply about how we feel about ourselves at any certain moment. While relatively existing in degrees, we have the tendency to believe that we have favorable or unfavorable self-esteem and that we make that determination just by how we feel about ourselves. Within a discussion of Transformational Therapy, our sensations or emotions do not exist alone or have an independent presence. We do not just simply feel. Rather, for every sensation or emotion that we have, either positive or unfavorable, there is a matching idea that we have about ourselves that produces the experience of self-esteem. Whether positive or negative, self-esteem is merely how our organism experiences the thoughts that the person has about himself or herself. If a person has favorable ideas about himself he will experience positive or good self-esteem. On the other hand, if the person has unfavorable thoughts about who he thinks he is then he will experience poor or negative self-esteem. For that reason, to genuinely understand exactly what self-esteem is everything about and more notably to be able to alter it when essential for ones health or healing, we should initially get it that self-esteem is actually about our thinking, and more specifically about the thoughts that we develop or create about ourselves. The thoughts or beliefs that we have about ourselves are vital because they determine or develop the structure of our experience of self-esteem and the numerous feelings associated with it.

improve your self-esteem with affirmations and music-02We also have the tendency to think of our self-esteem as being something that is shaped by the occasions that occur in our life, especially those from our past. We tend to think that who we think we are and how we feel about ourselves is simply the item, impact or caused by the experiences that we have actually had in the past, that we are who we are by virtue of what has happened to us as human beings. More specifically, we tend to believe that the cause in the matter of who we think we are and our self-esteem is due to condition, circumstance or others, people, locations and things. We do not have the tendency to think that our self-esteem is something we really developed or produced. Within the work of change, it is not the past, condition, circumstance or others, that identifies our hidden self-image and corresponding self-esteem. We created our ideas and with it our feelings from the meaning that we offered to the occasions that took place in our life, particularly at an early age. As suggesting making machines we provide implying to everything in our life consisting of and most significantly to ourselves. At an early age the significance that we give an event tends to be constructed out to be everything about us. While occasions do occur it is not the events that are important but rather the definition that we give them and specifically how we made it out to be about our identity.

improve your self-esteem with affirmations and music-04Offered that our thoughts identify our sensations or emotions and equally crucial that we are really responsible for their development, to change or change our self-esteem, how we tend to feel about ourselves, totals up to us changing how we see or conceive of ourselves on the planet in the now and this work is our duty alone. It is our self-image, how we specify ourselves as a specific in the world in the present, that determines our experience of self-esteem and it is this that we are truly responsible for developing and equally responsible for transforming. When we modify or change our definition of ourselves in the present we alter how we feel about ourselves and with it our experience of reality and life in general. If we do not get it that we are responsible for exactly what we think about ourselves which we are the genuine author of our self-image and self-esteem we will continue to blame something or some body, continue to be powerless and stuck in life. The question of how to really tackle changing or improving an individual’s self-esteem is one that has actually been disputed for many years by professionals both in the mental health and addiction arenas.

Self-esteem can be improved or changed in a number of ways. One way to enhance ones self-esteem is to do the work of transformation as outlined in my articles, Transformational Therapy and The Conversation of Change. To improve ones self-esteem in this manner is to become present to ones self restricting belief, that which has actually stopped us in life and in the process develop brand-new possibilities for oneself, a brand-new self-image from which to begin to live life into. Another method to enhance a person’s self-esteem is through the use of favorable affirmations. Given that the basis of self-esteem is the thoughts that an individual has about himself, a specific with poor or unfavorable self-esteem is believing unfavorable ideas or ideas about who he believes he is. The person may think, for example, that he is “useless” or “unsatisfactory” and as a result will tend to experience poor or negative self-esteem. Within the work of improvement and Transformational Counseling, the idea that is at the basis or core of our self-talk is specified as a person’s Self Limiting Belief, the essential or core belief about who we believe we are. Unless this core idea or belief that a person has about himself is altered or changed he will remain to experience a bad or unfavorable self-esteem and as a result of this negative thought pattern develop or produce life experiences that will match and validate exactly what they think about themselves. Offered such a cognitive and emotional circumstance life will remain to appear as it has in the past and ones future will just be the probable practically certain future.

Utilizing favorable affirmations can be a very effective tool for transforming what an individual thinks of himself and as a result enhance the person’s self-esteem. Constant use of positive affirmations will transform the negative beliefs about who a person thinks he enjoys positive ones, will begin to alter the basis and structure of his self talk or inner voice and produce a change from poor self-esteem to positive self-esteem. While used in a different ways, dealing with positive affirmations will be more efficient when provided through or combined with restorative relaxation music. What healing relaxation music does to enhance the result of positive affirmations is to create an extremely unwinded audio environment for the specific to become even more open or suggestive to the language of favorable affirmations. When healing relaxation music is combined with binaural audio tones the audio space that is created for the delivery of favorable affirmations is even more relaxing and as a result very effective. In addition to making use of a distinct type of therapeutic relaxation music, the infusion of either theta or alpha binaural tones is crucial for the success of this type of intervention. When restorative relaxation music and binaural audio tones are integrated in this fashion the individual will experience a really deep state of relaxation and as a result be more available to the reception and ultimate approval of the favorable affirmations.

improve your self-esteem with affirmations and music-05The secret to the effective use of positive affirmation in this or any other type of intervention is consistency. The self-image and the negative thoughts about who an individual believes he is that generates his experience of bad or negative self-esteem is well established in the his belief system. In many cases the advancement of a negative self-image took years to develop and has been reinforced through recurring behavioral validation. When an individual produces and then thinks that a self-limiting belief holds true he will constantly act as if it is true. This relatively fundamental belief will appear to the person as real and as a result will constantly be acted on and thus be enhanced through ones habits. Much of that person’s behavior will be to continually confirm who he believes he is. Ones habits will always be directed at supporting, strengthening and confirming what the individual believes is true about him. While necessary for ones wellness and health, such a change of ones self-image from being essentially an unfavorable one to one that is fundamentally positive does not happen instantly. Similar to the advancement of an individual’s unfavorable self-image, the development of a more adequate belief about the true nature of the individual will demand consistent and repetitive work by the person. Fundamental to this process is that the individual must fully accept his sense of full responsibility for the development of his self-image as well as for its change. To do otherwise will only leave the specific feeling helpless and unable to create the life that he or she genuinely desires and unless there is consistency and repetition such a transformation will simply not take place.