Digital Cameras : History, Pros and Cons

Technology advancement started at an extremely high pace throughout the 20th Century. Like many other areas of development, photography also saw significant advancements in its field. Photographic camera innovation has seen a continuous improvement from way back in 1913 when a 35 mm still video camera was produced till 1985 when digital innovation was first introduced in photography by Pixar.

Essentially digital cam is an electronic gadget which catches and shops pictures in a digital format without using any processing movies. The first true digital video camera was launched in 1988 by Fuji Company.This camera utilized a sd card for storage purposes. The latest designs of Digital Cameras are also able to tape-record sound and video. These digital video cameras store photos on a small gadget called CCD (Charge Coupled Device). From Digital video cameras the images can be transferred to computer system and the images can be modified with the help of software like Adobe Photoshop.

Benefits of digital electronic cameras

Benefit of use: The foremost advantage of using the digital cam is that you do n`t have to worry about getting films and altering the rolls. You can click as lots of photos you want, move them to computer system, have a close look at them and get just the good ones printed after editing them completely.

Edit alternatives: The Digital video cameras allow you to edit the photos in the most convenient way with the help of software application. The color, brightness and contrast of the image can be adjusted and the image can be cropped and resized as required. This helps to enhance the resolution of the photographs.

Economical: Digital video cameras are economical in the sense that they get rid of the cost of films and the expense of processing. When photos are taken in bulk quantity the expense of movies saved works out to a substantial quantity.

Versatility: You can see the picture you have actually just clicked the LCD show of the Digital Electronic camera and if you do n`t like it you can retake the exact same.

Disadvantages of digital cams

Quality of output: For professional reproduction purposes the conventional film video camera is still the best as digital cams can not match them in resolution and depth quality.

Preliminary Cost: The preliminary investment expense for digital camera is higher than the picture film camera. The expense of the cam for house use ranges from around US$ 150 to $1000 whereas the expert designs cost might go as high as US$ 20000.

Slower Speed: Digital cameras take some time for saving the images which disagrees for action photography in which you require very quick clicks.

digital camera-01Like a lot of things in life when your experiencing something for the very first time you are often unsure how to tackle it. The exact same can be real when buying your first digital electronic camera. You will unquestionably be flooded with realities, figure and more jargon than you understand exactly what to do with. We will attempt in this article to help you in addition to some of the jargon and show you exactly what to look for when getting a digital electronic camera. A few of the function might not interest you unless you need your video camera to carry out particular tasks, nevertheless its always worth knowing exactly what you are purchasing so you can pick a bargain when you see one.


The resolution of a video camera is measured and marketed in megapixels. The concept behind this figure is the variety of pixels that the video camera has to take an image with. In this case the higher the number the better quality of photo you will be able to take. For example if you purchase a video camera that has a resolution of 4 Megapixels, photos that you take with that electronic camera will be able to take images made up of 4 million pixels. Its obvious when you think of that a video camera with a 2 megapixel resolution will not produce as image as crisp or as specificed as the 4 megapixel one.

If you commonly print out your images on your PC or have them sent away to be printed then the megapixel score of your cam can be very important to you. Greater megapixels on your cam will allow you to make prints bigger in size while still keeping the quality. If you attempt to print a photo too large than exactly what you electronic camera was created for then the image drastically loses quality.

The last thing to learn about megapixels is the higher the resolution you take images in the more space on your memory card will be taken up. A picture handled a 4 megapixel cam will need twice as much space on a sd card as a photo taken on a 2 megapixel video camera. Be sure if you want quality photos have enough memory on your cam to back it up., Either that or have extra media cards to plug in as soon as your space has actually been used up.

Digital Zoom and Optical Zoom

digital camera-02No doubt when you are purchasing a camera you will want some sort of zoom function to take those in the distance shots. This is a troublesome location for some first time buyers. There are 2 types of zoom on the marketplace for digital video cameras. Digital Zoom and Optical Zoom. The only one that truly matters is Optical zoom, this holds true a true zoom function that brings the things closer to you using the optics of the video camera. Digital Zoom is like making use of the zoom function on an image modifying software package. It increases the size of a section of the image so it looks as if its closer to you.

Anything you can do with digital zoom you can do with an image modifying plan so do not splash excessive money on a video camera with digital zoom only. In some cases you will also so “total zoom” promoted this implies the number that is priced quote here is the optical zooms magnification added to the digital zooms zoom. Search for out the zoom level of the optical zoom alone for the true value of the cam.

Aperture Size

We may be going a little more here than a few of you wish to care about but bear with us as the aperture size can make a huge impact on your photos. The size of the aperture identifies exactly how much light is let into the video camera when your image is taken. Think about the aperture like the iris of your eye. No big deal you might think, nevertheless having more light allows you take better photos in a variety of lighting condition, cloudy days is an ideal example.
With a huge enough aperture you would be less most likely to need the flash, personally I do not want to use the flash function, the artificial flash of light does not constantly do justice to the picture you are trying to take. Likewise effects like red eye are also common.

Shutter Speed

digital camera-03Excellent effects can be made to images utilizing a range of shutter speeds. The important things to search for when buying a good digital cam in terms of shutter speeds is the broadest variety you can discover. This will offer you the very best opportunity of controling the picture the method you desire it. Combined with a pro-active aperture the shutter speed can make pictures come to life or freeze images in an immediate.

This strategy is fantastic when you want to take moving objects precisely how they appear they were still. Setting the shutter speed on a slower setting offers more exposure to the CCD (charge combined device – the digital equivalent of film). The impact is that the picture virtually seems to run. Moving objects are somewhat blurred. You may believe this is a bad thing but take an example of running water leaving the shutter speed on for longer will soften the image developing a kindlying image to the eye much like the method a waterfall appears in real life.

You can take digital photography to the severe with a camera that has a very large range of shutter speeds. With an extremely slow shutter speed, you can have a long exposure of light to the CCD and hence get like the well-known traffic scenes where the headlights blend into each other into a continuous stream.

Storage Media

digital camera-04Digital Cameras include a slot for a range of media cards. Examine when you buy your camera what type of storage media it needs. There are several popular types including Smart Media, compact flash and xD picture cards. As long as you understand exactly what type your is you must have the ability to securely by the right type. Always ask at your regional store if you are unsure. If you offer them your make and model they ought to be able to point you in the best instructions.

The size of the media card you select depends upon your budget plan however get as much as you can pay for. More memory suggests that you don’t need to alter media cards, and you will be able to take images in the highest quality all the time. You will quickly learn the advantages of having plenty storage area when you begin to utilize your cam routinely.

The good idea about cameras media is that its much like a film if you do run out you can merely place another one if you have one with you. It can be a little bit of a pain when downloading your pictures to your PC but much less more of a discomfort than needing to erase some photo due to the fact that you have run of space on your media card.