How to have millions of followers on Twitter

Having lots of followers on Twitter is the sign that shows the popularity of the profile. For many bloggers, it is just a dream, an impossible goal. However, there are several bloggers who have thousands of followers on Twitter. The truth is that to get thousands of followers on Twitter is particularly easy. Just by applying some of the concepts that are explained in this article, you can see your Twitter followers list growing substantially. Getting more followers on Twitter depends on how you apply those techniques the way we suggest. However, you should keep in mind these are not the only and exclusive tips that are available to get many followers. There are many other equally good techniques to get followers. Here is a list of tips we believe are the best to win many followers on Twitter.

Twitter is one of the most useful social media tools for individuals, as well as corporate organization to promote them. It has some very basic tools that are simple to implement, and yet very effective; if you do it the right way, that is. Success in using twitter is based on getting more followership. Not just a bunch of people, but those who are interested in what you do and are passionate about your area of business. If you’re planning to grow your twitter followers, here are four ways to do it effectively.

Your activity and interaction

social-marketing-twitter-13As in any other social network, it is necessary to be active and you should update your profile regularly. The update frequency will determine your social exposure and, consequently, help you get more followers on Twitter. Moreover, it is equally important to interact with other people. Since you write your blogs in English, there are millions of people out there in the network that have an interest in your articles. If you use the opportunity to interact with them personally via direct messages, they will follow your profile as well as your blog. Communicate with other users, reply to tweets and messages that come to your inbox. In fact, you cannot stay in front of your computer every day. This will limit your capacity to interact with your users. This simply means that your Twitter account is paralyzed. In order to fix this issue, you can use automated tweets to stay alive on this social network. Websites such as Crowd booster may help you achieve this goal.

Re-tweet and hash tags

Re-tweeting is important due to two reasons. First, because it’s more an action that shows that you are active on Twitter. Second, because you can do it without any risk and is a way to interact with other users. Sooner or later, they will also retweet your updates. You should give the opportunity for your blog readers to follow you on Twitter. Try to post your Twitter profile link somewhere in your blog, preferably in a prominent location. This will help them follow you on Twitter quickly. Create a subscription menu where your readers can follow your blog not just on Twitter, but also in other social networks.

Using hash-tag appropriately is a way to show to your potential followers that you’re active on Twitter. There exists no other tool other than hash-tag on Twitter to participate in conversations. Use them and participate in conversations, especially in areas in which you feel more comfortable so that it becomes a reference on Twitter.

Publish tweets during rush hours

twitter-social-02The rule here is that the more people see your tweets, the more followers you will get. Try to make important tweets during the peak hours. You will soon notify that your follower list is rising within some days.  There are several companies out there to help you in this context. Just subscribe their services and they will automatically post your content on regular intervals.

To improve its position in social networks is essential to allow your readers to share your articles easily, and Twitter is of no exception. Add share button on your website for your readers to share and get engaged in social networks. Remember that followers on Twitter are the cornerstone of any online business. Get through these steps carefully and try to get more followers in a short time.

Get a solid profile

Before people can ever follow you, the first thing they will look out for is your profile. They want to know who you are, what you represent, and see if you make a little or more sense. For this reason, you must complete your profile, upload a very nice picture of yourself or the logo of your company and include an attractive bio. Adding your location will also help people know where you are, so they can trust you the more. Use very clean and visible picture. Blurred photographs will make you look cheap and unserious. If you are a company gets a solid logo ready. Your logo should be in vector form, so that it can remain sharp, no matter how much it is stretched. Your cover photo should also be solid. Examine everything before you upload it.

Follow relevant people

Everyone belongs to an industry. If you don’t know the industry you belong then, you must establish that before you go on twitter. Find very relevant people in your industry and start following them. This will attract people once they get to your profile page. You should also use third party applications like We Follow to check people in your industry and the interest of your consumers. You can also subscribe to other people’s twitter list and try to leverage on it. Relevant people in your industry have a large following. This is what you want to take advantage off. If you’re a new business, you should put this on top of your menu. It will help you grow fast.

Tweet about only interesting stuff

social-marketing-twitter-14People love to be entertained. The more you keep their imagination bursting with activities, the more they want to engage with you. Find the latest happenings and news in your industry and tweet about it. Sign up for Google alerts and send them some of the most relevant information you can get. You should also tweet about photographs and videos; just make it lively and interesting. One very smart way to know what your audience will like to know about is to find out what they are discussing presently. Once you get hold of this information, start looking for news items relating to it and then broadcast it accordingly.

Promote with other channels

One beautiful thing about social media is the ability to integrate it with so many other avenues and media channels. If you’re making a promotional video, why not add your twitter handle and let people find and follow you. YouTube has some amazing features that make it easy for people to click on a link and add you without much effort. You should also promote your twitter account via Facebook, instagram and pinterest. The more people see you everywhere, the more they get the idea that you’re working.

You don’t need a degree to grow your twitter following, as long as you get the right knowledge; the sky is the limit for you. Make you look attractive and presentable. The prettier your twitter account looks, the more people want to follow you.