Learn about Twitter and it’s Benefits

Twitter as a social networking site has been able to gain much popularity since its inception. The current public acceptance of Twitter as a social networking site is now very high. There are many people in this era who prefer Twitter as a social networking site to the likes of Facebook or Myspace etc. The success of Twitter as a social networking site can be understood from its sheer number of registered users. Almost 288 million people have chosen Twitter as the ultimate social networking site. In addition to that, more and more new people are signing up with this site. The following discussion will provide you a comprehensive idea about why some people prefer Twitter as a social networking site over many other counterparts.

Twitter is an online social and information network that allows users to post messages with maximum of 140 characters. These messages are called tweets.

Twitter was founded in March 2006 by Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone and Evan Williams but it was not officially launched till July 2006. Jack Dorsey is the chairman and Dick Costolo is the CEO. Twitter is strictly internet-based. In a very short time, twitter gained popularity worldwide. In 2012, there were already over a hundred million users with over three hundred and forty million posts on a daily basis. It is currently one of the most visited websites. It is described as internet SMS. Currently, twitter has over five hundred million users.

The headquarters is located at San Francisco, California, united States. It has over twenty five other branches around the world.

Twitter was originally designed to be a messaging app. It was to be used to share information within a small group of people. It was first used as an internal service for the employees at Odeo before it was introduced to the general public in July 2006.

The word “twitter” is now defined in the dictionary as making a post on the social media website Twitter. Twitter’s popularity was drawn from curiosity of users. The actual intention is not all that it has now turned out to be- status update. Twitter is now more of a network for information than a social network.

Social networking sites are great for society. Communication was immensely increased by networking around the world. Some people do argue that benefits of social networking are way less than its demerits but actually this is not the case.

Online social networking can be classified as any website or a type of online communication that allows people to interact with each other. This trend first started in 1990’s when blogging and keeping an online journal arose. As blogging began to attract more and more people, pure social networking sites appeared and by and by the established very much.

With the increase in awareness different sites came into being. Facebook, Instagram, Myspace are one of the famous sites.

Twitter is also considered as one of the best social networking sites as its popularity is increasing day by day. If we compare twitter with other sites we see that it has something common with almost everyone of them that make this site more unique and interesting.

Ease of Communication

Twitter as a social networking site has been able to create a perception that Twitter as a social networking site is very convenient to use. The users of Twitter find the overall communicating experience through this site very easy. They have opined that the user interface of this social networking site is very user friendly and less complicated than may other social networking sites of the recent times.So, it can be established that the overall ease of communication anduser friendly appearance of this site have been working as some key catalysts behind the rising popularity of Twitter as a social networking site.

Faster Communication

Twitter as a social networking site has also been able to get appreciated for the smooth communication privileges offered by it. People who have been using Twitter as a social networking site believe that the speed of communication through using Twitter as a social networking site is very satisfactory. Some of the users have been rated Twitter as a social networking site the fastest of them all. Starting from tweeting to private messaging, Twitter has been able to distinguish itself from the other social networking sites in terms of communication smoothness and speed. So, it can be established that the faster communication privilege offered by this social networking site has made Twitter as a preferable social networking site compared to other popular social networking sites.

Making connections has never been made so easy

Though many of us may think that Twitter as a social networking site is only for making tweets and seeing other peoples’ tweets, it is in fact more than that. Twitter as a social networking site has made it possible to connect with more and more new people. This opportunity or privilege can help you know a lot about a huge number of people around the world. This is whyTwitter as a social networking site is becoming more and more popular day by day.You can meet new people over Twitter every day. This option or advantage of Twitter as a social networking site is making this social networking site very strong contender of the leading social networking sites. The registered users of Twitter can make new connections with the people from various professional areas and can improve their personal skills and expertise through this social networking site. Twitter as a social networking site is also being appreciated due to its integrity of communication and existing trust people put in the Twitter communication and networking activities. All the people in the Twitter community seem to trust each other and thus they help each other in any kind of personal or professional needs. This highly valued social integrity and trust placed in this social networking site is being appreciated by all and thus the reign of supremacy in the social networking arena is no longer limited to any particular social networking sites.

How to Join Twitter

  1. Go to com
  2. Click on the sign up button
  3. Enter your details as requested
  4. Sign up
  5. You are a member

The Crowd

On twitter, a user will have to choose his or her crowd. Crowd here meaning followers. A user follows other users and gets followed back at the discretion of some. Most of the time, the user has to ask for a follow back. As a new user, it is advised that you choose the right kind of people to follow. Many accounts get shut down because of their links to spam accounts. Also, if you are a marketer, you will have to spot out your target audience (for instance, a game company would target teenage boys and young adult men).

Opportunities on Twitter

  1. Marketing: Marketing on twitter is very cost effective. It involves a device, tweets and just enough followers to retweet the information a user has shared. Marketing one twitter is not limited to a particular space or territory, it goes farther than that.
  2. Information: A lot of information is shared on twitter daily. Information about everything one can imagine. This information can also be linked together by the use of harsh tags. The use of harsh tags is very helpful as in no time that harsh tag starts to trend. A trending harsh tag means that many users are tweeting about that particular topic and are using the harsh tag to join information together.
  3. Jobs Opportunities: Not everyone is can afford to own and run a blog. However, many have taken to twitter to run businesses. They advertise and promote products and businesses for small tokens. Many affiliate marketers register with their twitter accounts since they do not have websites or blogs.
  4. Publicity: One of the easiest ways of gaining publicity is through twitter. Some people do not mind what kind of publicity it is, good or bad. The moment a person starts to trend on twitter, users try to find out who the person is and know all about that person. Caution must be taken when trying to gain public notice on twitter.

Facebook and Twitter

Facebook was originally created for University students to get in contact with their friends. It was a supposed to be a way of getting in contact with the ones whom you don’t know and was a fine way for college students to have the chance to meet friends of friends and hopefully find a person that they fancy. However, twitter was created so that one can express their inner feelings to the people and also to see what responses people give to these kinds of activities. Of course, the people who are eligible to tweet back are people who are already friends with in some way but people are not as such contact as on facebook. But both Facebook and Twitter allow and urge their users to express their ideas, opinions, and questions to other people in the network. Facebook encourages users to express their feelings by updating their “status”, while Twitter allows users to “tweet” their thoughts and inner feelings.

With the recognition in the media, Twitter got preference over Facebook still many celebrities are on facebook and therefore it is getting fame in media like TV. Many TV shows have also their profile on facebook; if any viewer missed the program due to any reason he or she can get the updates from facebook. Many other celebrities and TV shows are having profiles on twitter and getting fame. Most known personalities like politicians prefer twitter over facebook.

Myspace and Twitter

Myspace has a great user interface. It has many options for customization. It is user friendly, opens for changes and also allows for great creativity. Mostly recreational people join Myspace as they can recreate their thoughts there. Myspace has great entertainment options. They give their users great chance for exploring videos, music and pictures. If you are looking for friends, dating, or a great way to communicate with family, this is a nice site to go on.

On the other hand twitter does not allow this much creativity but they have options for sharing photos; music etc. Video options may not be there but Twitter is one of the most widely used social sites online.

Twitter and Instagram

Instagram is a tool for sharing photos exclusively. Now it is also for communication to some extent but it allows users to catch pictures, and share them with Instagram follower. Followers are those who want to see what you post. Following someone means you simply want to see and follow what one posts. When you post photos here you can easily connect with people on other sites as well.

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