The Multiple Uses of Twitter

Few years back, Twitter was considered as just the medium of worthless chattering with each other. But nowadays the perception about Twitter has been changed and more and more people are joining everyday for some useful purpose. A drastic positive change has been seen with the use of Twitter among people compare to other social networking sites. If you see the statistics of Twitter, then you will find that each and every field are making great use of Twitter, whether it is politician, celebrities, media, gaming industry, social activist, etc. Thus, Twitter can be considered as the best platform for communicating and spreading message all across the world.

Use of Twitter as a Marketing Tool

hootsuite-for-twitter-01This is the most convenient medium for different industries for promoting their product. There is great scope of increase in market share, if you promote your product through Twitter. You can create your company’s account and show all details and product range of your company through every day tweet. Take care to keep administrative workforce, who will maintain and update your Twitter account regularly. You can also use hash tag to create your trending and make your promotional ads, upcoming products, news and other information appeared to large number of audience. People joining your trend will retweet to your message and ask for more information or give feedback. Ensure that your administrative team responds promptly and correctly to your customer’s queries. In this way, you can increase your company’s customer base. Their feedback helps you to understand their demands and depending on it try to improve your service and product range. You can also add link of your website on tweeter so that customer can visit your website and share with their friends. Thus, if your current customers are happy with your product, then automatically lead to word of mouth and more and more people will follow your Twitter account. Thus popularity of your company will increase day by day and will have strong relation with your customers.

Use of Twitter to Make Money

Twitter is one of the hot trends in today’s world along with Face book. Twitter is a social media network that started in 2006and now it has become more than300 million users using it. So it lies in the top 5 visited website in the world. It is used for sharing posts and information to the world we know. We tweet in Twitter so that the people who follow can see it and share it with others. Twitter helps you to be aware and to be in touch with new trends. It can be accessed using website, SMS or mobile application. Not only people use the website for social purpose but it also has been used by various companies to share news, information, promote product etc. To reach to their customers and to aware them about their products, twitter has been a great help.

Many people uses twitter as online social network. But some people in the world has become so clever that now they use twitter for making money. Features provide by twitter is what they use to make money. So this article is for giving you information related to money making in twitter.

Crowd sourcing

Twitter can be used for crowd sourcing.  Crowd sourcing is an idea of obtaining ideas for large community. So twitter can use for crowd sourcing as there are millions of users. For using crowd sourcing a large numbers of followers are required. Twitter has been a popular platform for marketing purpose. Twitter has made the easier to fund ideas and business using your followers.

Selling products

Twitter has now become one of the best platforms for selling products. There are millions of users and you can easily access them using it. In order to promote and take market of the products, a good marketing idea has to be developed that fits with Twitter. There are lots of business in the world that has reached top heights with in short period of time using twitter. But what it requires is an idea and effective strategy.

Produce twitter related services

Millions of users use twitter and it can be used as a weapon to produce a product, so it will be easy to sell that product as you already have large numbers of customer. But the product should be unique and creative which twitter users will love.

Sponsored Tweets

You can get money for the tweets you tweet, literally not your tweets on your timeline but tweets for various businesses. There is various businesses that will pay you if you tweet for them known as Sponsored Tweets. To tweet such sponsored tweets you need to find sponsors. These sponsors will pay you certain amount of money to tweet for their products. What you need to concentrate mainly is on maintaining relationship with sponsor. Many people get fire for what they tweet, so you have to watch and tweet carefully.

Finding new leads

Twitter’s search engine is one of the tools that will help you in money making, you may be wondering how. We know that twitter’s search engine is unique and we can find people tweets which may be appropriate for your business and give you a lead.

For example: If you sell a bicycle then you can search in twitter who has tweeted tweets related to buying  bicycle like ‘Need new bicycle’ or ‘Planning to get a bicycle’. You can tweet at them and provide them some offers, after you get some lead.

This is how you can earn money using twitter although there are lots of ways to do so. You can always find a way of earning money via twitter for that you need to think of creative ideas.

Use of Twitter for Spreading Awareness

Twitter is used greatly to spread social awareness, which in turn help to improve well-being of whole society. Many NGOs and social activist are also using this media to spread awareness about what all injustice are going in the society. They also take help from people to join their efforts to fight against injustice. Many virtual campaigns are also run on Twitter. People also use to tweet regarding what they feel about particular issue. Tweeting and retweeting process includes large number of people from all over the world to share their views, which can bring positive change in the society. Many scientists also share important information regarding their new invention, which can be helpful to people like new technology, apps, medicines to combat life threatening diseases, and many more. Thus social awareness messages can also be easily communicated through Twitter for making our society healthy.

Use of Twitter for learning

twitter-social-02If I talk with the perspective of normal people, then Twitter is best medium to learn everything at one click. If a person is not having the habit of reading newspaper, but addicted to access Twitter then he can find number of tweets from different news media, who use to post latest news and videos on Twitter every day. You can get aware of current issues going all around the world and can join various trending started using hash tag on which you can know views of others and can also share your views on particular issue. You can also get reviews regarding anything that is newly released like mobile, movie, games, apps, etc. Many other things about your interest can be learned through Twitter.

With about 288 million people using Twitter as the prime social networking platform, the winning march of Twitter is advancing an advancing. People have been choosing Twitter as the prime social networking platform due to a variety of benefits offered by this social networking site. Due to the sheer large number of people using Twitter as the prime social networking platform, it can be established that Twitter is offering something really exclusive to get into this position. So, let’s have a look why people are choosing Twitter as the prime social networking platform and what kind of benefits we are talking about. It can be understood that apart from a friendly interface and faster communication capability, there is more to it. There are some basic benefits which are helping Twitter to be one of the most popular social networking sites. People have been choosing Twitter as the prime social networking platformdue to the networking opportunity this social networking site provides. Moreover, people are also using Twitter as the prime social networking platform in order to promote their personal brand or business. The logic behind using Twitter, as the prime social networking platform, is to let people know about the business and its offerings through Twitter. Twitter has also been appreciated as great facilitator of knowledge to many users who have selected Twitter as the prime social networking platform. People have been able to gather knowledge about many subjects with the help of using Twitter as the prime social networking platform and that too with great ease. So, how exactly, Twitter is helping people to acquire more knowledge? The following discussion will shed some valuable insights into how Twitter is helping people to acquire more knowledge with ease.

Communicating with experienced people

As many people are starting to use Twitter as the prime social networking platform, the number of academicians and expert people using Twitter as the prime social networking platform are increasing day by day.There are people from many educational areas and backgrounds who are opting for Twitter as the prime social networking platform. So, this can be easily understood that many people, for the purpose of enriching their knowledge, are choosing Twitter as the prime social networking platform over any other competitive social networking sites. A user of Twitter can ask about or learn about any new subjects or issues through communicating with experienced and expert people in those specific areas of knowledge.

Researching through Twitter

Twitter has emerged as a great source of secondary data collection. Many researchers and academicians are now using Twitter for gathering sufficient insights about the topic that is being studied with the help of collecting secondary information through Twitter. Many scholarly articles and findings from various researches are being posted on Twitter every now and then. So, the students and relevant professionals can dig out necessary information from the Twitter space and move forward with their researches and studies. This is why many people prefer Twitter as the prime social networking platform which can contribute to the research works of the students and academicians.

Publishing the educational projects

Twitter can be a very good choice of promoting your educational researches and theories. You can reach a large number of people who share the same interest as you in the studied area of knowledge will be able to see your work and newly developed theory. This will not only help those followers or connected people but also the publisher of the original study to get noticed. This will help the researcher or academicians to get more connections with renowned scholars and academicians.