Twitter is the new Global Network

Twitter is a well-known micro-blogging social network tool which allows users to post up to 140 characters updates of anything and everything happening in their lives. They can also add a URL along with their tweet for the things they find informative, interesting or funny to other users. People use twitter with their own reasons. Some use to just stay connected with people they know, some for social media marketing, to follow superstars, artists and much more.

But for people who do not have a twitter account, simply sharing tweets with a limitation of only 140 characters can sound very disappointing. Tus to help such users to understand how useful twitter can actually be, this article provides information about some of the basic of twitter and how people can use it to their benefit.

With every other individual have their own Twitter page, a question which constantly irks others id “What is Twitter and Why do People Use it?” There actually are many beneficial uses of Twitter, which can keep your informed, get connected with friends, find out jobs, or promote your business and much more.

What is Twitter?

This is most common question asked by people who do not have a twitter account. Twitter in simple words is a microblogging website, which allows you to share your everyday adventures with the people you like. You can also follow other to get in the loop with the happenings in their life. You can even get to know new people on twitter and can follow them to get their updates. It has a restricted messaging size of only 140 characters. Though this can sound very disappointing to many, this has been a very important aspect in its popularity. With the character limit users are promoted to use clever and meaningful words to update their status.

What makes it so Popular?

What started as a small micro-blogging website has now turned out to be a rage all over the globe. With the presence of smartphones, SMS messaging, wide array of social networking platforms with some very innovative features and much more, Twitter is slowly but steadily garnering a major popularity all over the world.

The simple fact that twitter has large number of users is the whole and sole reason responsible for it. Many of your friends, relatives, colleagues are already on twitter, Moreover, there are also thousands of movie stars, artists, politicians, etc. on twitter. You can easily follow them to get the latest update about them.

How does it Work?

Twitter is extremely easy to use. You can get a free twitter account by signing up on their web page with a personal twitter name. Once you are done with that you can fill in your personal details which you want the world to see on your web page and you are all set to send your first tweet. To send a tweet, you can write your status in the “What’s Happening?” box and simply press the tweet button to send it. You can follow others to get their updates and others can follow you for the same. You can even unfollow users if you do not like their posts anymore.

What is Burst Messaging?

Though mostly people use twitter for a variety of reasons, a large group of people use to send informative messages to people, a reason for which twitter was actually made. These informative content can be useful for many users all over the globe, making twitter a great place to share and receive knowledge.

Doesn’t that make twitter a News Reporting Tool?

To some extent yes, you can say that. But in reality, twitter is a powerful tool which allows you to see the world through someone else’s eye. You can follow the tweets from the people in japan as their cities suffered through a major earthquake last week, tweets from your soldier brother who is thousands of miles away from you, tweets from your parents who are enjoying their holidays in Europe or tweets from your friend who recently won a state level swimming competition. These twitter users are mini-journalists in their own right, sharing streams of information about everything around them.

Few Popular ways to use Twitter

  1. Microblogging: This undoubtedly is what Twittering was made for. But in a rush to use it for other purposes, people have simply forgotten its fundamental use. Twitter is a powerful microblogging tool, which provides you with a 140 character limit status updates to let people know about the latest happenings in your life.
  2. Information: Twitter is a very large pool of information. Be it finding a capital of any particular country or simply find what kind of paint will best suit your walls, Twitter will provide you with all the answers instantly. And, no you don’t need to have thousands or even hundreds of followers for it. You can simple send all your questions to @answers from your Twitter page and your query will be solved within minutes.
  3. News: Majority of big news networks have their own Twitter page. You can follow these pages to keep up with the latest on-goings in and around the world.
  4. Getting a Job: Many companies too have their official Twitter page where the post their latest job openings. You can apply for these jobs and may be you might get yourself a dream job that you always wanted.
  5. Keeping up with friends and family: Twitter can also be used to arrange lunch or dinner date with friends or family. If you are among those individuals who constantly get involved in a lunch date every now and then Twitter is an easy way to set up a location and time with your loved ones.
  6. Following your Favorite Movie Star: Its search feature can be very useful in finding your favorite movie stars official Twitter account. By following them you can get an easy access to the latest developments in their lives, which might just give you a reason to love them more.
  7. Movie Reviews: Though it is not a very beneficial use of Twitter, it can actually be a life saver for a movie buff like me. You can easily scan Twitter to search out what critics have to say about the latest movie you are planning to watch this weekend. I agree that the critics rating can be very different from what people actually think about the movie, but it can be a wise decision to go through it before buying your tickets.

So what is Twitter finally?

As mentioned in the beginning of the article twitter can be a different thing for every different user. For some it is a way to stay connected with their relatives and friend, for some it’s the best way to know about their favorite celebrity or sports personality and for some it can a place to receive and share information.

Though there are innumerable ways in which you can use your Twitter account, it all comes to your final preferences, which allows you to decide if you really need a Twitter account. The best advice would be to get a Twitter account use it for a month and then take a decision if you really need it. With millions of users already on Twitter, giving it a shot, maybe just for a few days can be a worthwhile experience.

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