Using Twitter Like a Pro

Twitter has become the second largest social networking platform with a huge 288 million registered users. This social networking platform is providing people with the opportunity to express and announce their thoughts and ideas without any limitations or barriers. The sheer popularity of the social networking site can be estimated from the 500 million tweets being shared every single day. So, many people are being benefitted from using this social networking site. This social networking site is providing people from all walks of people excess to instant communication and a more sustainable relationship with the near and dear ones. This is why Twitter has become so popular over the years as a social networking site. The use of Twitter as a social networking site is not just limited to sharing tweets or thoughts. This social networking site has been able to deliver some innovative ways to help people with its offerings. One of them is the citing and referencing by the academicians and scholars through using Twitter as a platform. The following discussion will lead you to learn about how a social networking site like Twitter is helping the academicians and scholars citing their works using Twitter and what are the basic premises behind this choice.

Twitter is one of those social networking sites more popularized in the world. With Twitter, you can publish updates of up to 140 characters, add video and photo links for your followers to see what you are doing, where you are or what is your opinion on particular news or a subject. Similarly, this social network lets you see updates from your followers (or people you follow) and interact with them. If you are interested in using this website, here is a tutorial to teach you step by step how to access and use Twitter.

Creating your profile on Twitter

twitter-social-03Copy and paste this URL ( into a browser to access the official website of Twitter. Fill in your full name, a valid email address and choose a password. Then, click “Sign up for twitter”. A new window wills pop-up. Here you have to enter your username and then click “create my account”. Remember that this will function as the permanent username of your profile on Twitter. Before you start publishing updates, choose multiple profiles that you are interested in to follow. Then customize your background picture, avatar and configure your newly created Twitter account as desired. There is a small icon on the top right of the screen to set up your profile. It is super easy to follow all these indications. After each update, do not forget to save the changes. Note that, it is possible to change your username, email and even adjust your page visibility. In this case, only your followers can have access to the updates that you post on Twitter. You can also change your password whenever you want.

Notification option in the profile helps you choose which notifications you want to receive in your email. For example, every time you win new followers, receive mentions, direct message and when your tweets are retreated. While updating your profile, never forget to add a picture, your website link and also fill in the Bio (description about you). In the footer, there is the option to publish your tweets on Face book. Everything you write on Twitter will appear on your Face book wall. While configuring the appearance, choose a background to decorate your Twitter. You can use the options offered by Twitter or upload an image from your computer.

Tips for following people

It is very important to know the tips for following people tweet and learn interaction. In order to start following other people, click on the homepage of Twitter. Since you are new Twitter automatically suggests the most popular profiles for you to follow. To search for a friend, artist, or any other profile, simply type the name into the search field. You are not allowed to follow hundreds of people at the same time. Twitter will block you if you do so.

Tips for publishing tweets

The next step is to publish tweets. Just click the box below your photo, the upper right side, and write a message of up to 140 characters. If you want, you can put a link to a website (which should be shortened). Just paste the URL. If you prefer to place a photo along with the content, click the icon that says upload photo right below the box. Remember that if the content you publish has more than 140 characters, you will not be able to publish it. Twitter offers several other tools, such as direct messages, mention using @ and use the # tag to interact with others. You can use them according to your interest and need. Remember that the more you interact with other, the greater will be the number of followers.

Citing through Twitter

twitter-social-04Many academicians and scholars are using Twitter for citing their academic papers or research articles. The reason behind using Twitter as a source of citation is that many scholarly people and academicians are now engaged in communicating through Twitter and they find it very convenient and professional. A large number of academicians and scholars are opting for this strategy while citing various information or data in their research works or studies. Usually, the strategy that is adopted while citing through Twitter is that the researchers or academicians provide supporting literature review or secondary information which they have collected from the Twitter space.

Advantages of citing on Twitter

As mentioned earlier, many scholars and academicians are finding it very convenient to cite their works using Twitter. Most of them recognized the ease of use or convenience as the first and foremost reason or benefit behind using Twitter as a citing platform. They opined that that Twitter is very easy to follow and the citing experience using Twitter is also very good. Most of the researchers or scholars established that people or the readers of their articles also find this citing method very helpful and effective. The second reason behind using Twitter as a citing platform is the speed of citing offered by this social networking technique. The researchers and the academicians opined that citing of their researches has become more faster using Twitter as a citing platform. The last of the benefits established by the academicians and the scholars is that citing through Twitter has made it possible to get people around the pay wall. In this way, people can get access to some paid articles or supporting materials.

Using Twitter as a citing platform

The impact of using Twitter as a citing platform can be understood by considering the opinions of the people who are getting benefitted through using this innovative option. People who have been using Twitter as a citing platform opined that they find this technique more trustworthy. The logic behind establishing this reasoning is that most people follow people on Twitter whom they think are trustworthy and anyhow linked to their work or professional area. So, when they find a reference of secondary information presented through using Twitter citing technique; they can trust it and appreciate it. Moreover, Twitter citing is removing gaps between people interested in a certain area of knowledge.

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