What is Social Marketing?

Social marketing can be simply defined as the employment or application of various marketing procedures and techniques which are applied to solve social problems. It takes almost common principles for selling and buying of goods and change perspective or behavior of customer. Social marketing is supposed to integrate and develop concepts of marketing and apply approaches for influencing individuals or community behavior for social betterment and benefits. It digs research integration, theories, best practices, partnerships and audiences so that information on delivery competition is retrieved and proves to be revolutionary change for effective, efficient and sustainable change. This term is commonly used in commercial marketing approaches for achieving non-commercial targets, but main aim of the very “social marketing” is to achieve social uprights. So, it emphasizes on both factors of commercial marketing and achievement of social goods. It contains two approaches. The first is social policy and second is social science.

The concept of social marketing is to have been introduced since 1970. It was result of the realization that common marketing approaches for product sale could be further applied for selling attitudes, ideas and behavior. It helps to influence social moral, behaviors that benefit the overall society. This technique was first introduced in health programs in international arena. It is very similar to commercial marketing that targets to consumer. It is about learning needs and wants of people rather than convincing people what to buy. But, social marketing is a different concept that specifies concepts and decision of people, price, products, distribution and promotions. It is also well known as four “ps” and is listed as follows:

Basic principles of social marketing

  • Product
  • Price
  • Place
  • Promotion

In social marketing, products do not necessarily refer to any physical offering. Product offering is the best solution which determines the perception of consumers about products and related problems. Similarly, price may be monetary aspects that assist consumers in choosing products. Social marketing is perceived through benefits and costs are considered through regular trial or research study. Similarly, place gives description on ways which will take products to consumers. It combines many processes such as distribution system with the help of warehouse, retail outlets and sales force. Lastly, it includes promotion process which associates factors like advertisement, media advocacy, public relations and personal selling. But we need to determine light difference between commercial marketing and social marketing. Commercial marketing is targeted to marketer whereas social marketing is about changing concept and behavior of people for overall benefit of both consumer and society.


Importance of social marketing

Many social marketing campaigns are being conducted that determines marketing strategies and functionalities. Identification of audience and behavior are important factors that need to be kept under consideration. Similarly, it is essential to identify barriers and work for them. Publicizing benefits and pretesting your knowledge or ideas to people are other procedures. Social marketing is of great importance and added values. It assists you to reach targeted audiences. As this approach is easier and beneficial, it will prove to be best in further areas too. Similarly, it helps in customizing messages to those audiences in a better way. Then, finally it will create sound and long lasting changes in targeted audiences. So, this way social marketing proves to be the best consideration.

Social marketing is conscious effort that takes certain stages. It identifies all the beliefs and inspires people to change. We cannot expect changes overnight. But still, continuous efforts and approaches will get results soon. So, it is very necessary to create mutual awareness as well as interest that help people to participate. it will then help to change thoughts of people which will further bring change in their attitude, behavior and habit. It is all about initiating thoughts of “want to change” and “why to change”. It will then finally provide empowerment in people.

Role of social media marketer in marketing the product or service

Social media provides inevitable platform for interacting the company with its client. It is one of the crucial marketing techniques of the digital marketing. Social media marketing is more cost effective than that of any of other market. Social media also has extensive audience to reach for your product. Hence, social media marketer plays a crucial role in reaching the product or service of the company to the prospective clients. He represents the company in the social media. Hence, any of the mistakes done by him would cost the company severely.

Hence, he should have some essential skills, qualification and characteristics in order to work effectively. This article is all about the essentials of the social media marketer. Let’s get started


Patience is one of the important characters that every social media marketer should have. No one can’t build a Rome in a day. Hence, social media marketer should be patient and should actively look for the bottleneck in the marketing strategy and plan. He should also have to respond to company’s inquiry about the status of the project without losing his cool. Social media marketer should also realise that the Marketing is an active process and non-ending process.

SEO expert and tech guru:

As social media marketer is working with some of the sophisticated digital marketing technique, he should be competent to handle all the technical issues. Social media marketer should know the all basics of the search engine optimisation and should even be made proficient in SEO techniques.  As search engines change their search algorithm more rapidly, social media marketer should be able to update technical things without difficulty. In short, social media marketer should be a tech guru. If he is not a tech guru, he should be trained before placing him the role of social media marketer.

Quick learner:

Advertisement policies, search algorithms and many other things changes more radically in the field of social media marketing. Hence, social media marketer should be quick learner in order to work under the new situation. In other words, he should be adaptable to the changing world of social media marketing.

An appealing writing skill

As social media marketer represents your company, his writing should be appealing. This is the most important quality to look for. No one likes boring text. Hence, social media marketer should be able to deliver short and crisp writing. He should also need to post the messages in regular fashion. He should also need to create errorless message at a single go. Any silly mistake done by the social media marketer affects the whole company’s reputation.

Should work based on the feedback of the insight tools and clients

Social media marketer should work on par with the report of the insight tool and should take the feedback of the customer seriously. He should try to implement the client feedback and should remove the bottleneck associated with the social media marketing. Social media marketer should try to achieve perfection in all parts of his work and should submit status report of the implemented steps to avoid bottleneck in marketing. In short, he short learn to correct his own techniques and strategies.

Should be serious about deadline

Social media marketer should take the deadlines as serious things. They should submit report and do other assigned works in time. Some communication with the customer such as press release has to be done on urgent basis. Hence, social media marketer should be able to do things fast and should not pile up more works at a time.